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Walter 02-05-10 05:26 PM

John Stenner
Saw this over on "the 41" and thought some of you guys might have some input.

That time period (late 80s- early 90s) is when I started grad school and didn't ride or compete like when I was an undergrad so I missed his career.

I don't want to hijack the OPs thread but was wondering if any of you "vets" :) had ever heard of him.

This is in case you missed the thread "over there."

If there's alot of interest I'll move the thread here.

YMCA 02-11-10 12:26 PM

Of course I've heard of Stenner.
The guy was on par with Bostick in TT'ing and of course had a USAC collegiate scholarship named after him.
DOn't know much about his road racing ability, but TT's were mostly unmatched.

socalrider 03-10-10 02:22 AM

Here is a video of John winning the 88 Collegiate Nationals.. I saw him last in Boulder right before the Olympic games..

ridethecliche 03-10-10 02:43 AM

Thanks for posting this thread.

I'm so glad I read up on it. It's incredible to read about people like this who were shut out by the establishment even though they were monsters on the bike, but still gentle and human. Seeing that video made me laugh a little because of how strong he was.

border reiver 03-10-10 07:55 AM

Thanks for posting that video. I raced frequently with John in the early 90's at various races up and down Colorado's front range. He was a quiet, unassuming guy with awesome ability on the bike and a potential that was sadly unfulfilled when he died. As a time trialist he was indeed on a par with the best (and in Colorado in those days that meant Bostick, Engleman, the Grewals, Vaughters and various other pro/national level cyclists, but he was also a good road racer and pretty handy at riding up hills. The last race I did with John was the Pagosa Springs stage race and he got up and down Wolf Creek pass as well as anyone. He was a lot bigger than me, and I sat on his wheel the whole way down and even then was struggling and spun out in a 53/12.

RIP John.

akclyne 04-26-14 01:18 PM

The 20th anniversary of John Stenner's death is coming up next month. Please visit a Facebook page we've recently started to learn more about him and to post memories: www.facebookcom/Stenner.John. He was an amazing person and an inspiration.

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