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Jandro 10-31-13 01:46 PM

That. Was ****ing rad.

TMonk 10-31-13 02:10 PM


btw all who are curious Tame Impala was totally awesome live - great performance. Ill post more deets later but im a busy boy today.

rankin116 10-31-13 02:14 PM

It's been a while since I've listened to him. Holy **** I need an SRV marathon pronto. Live from the Montreaux Jazz Festival


SpeshulEd 10-31-13 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by TMonk (Post 16208242)

btw all who are curious Tame Impala was totally awesome live - great performance. Ill post more deets later but im a busy boy today.

Nice! I hope I get the chance to see them one day.

Racer Ex 10-31-13 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by Jandro (Post 16208160)
That. Was ****ing rad.


Tejas floods like a mofo.

Best Stevie story I ever heard. Came out of an all night drinking and studio session. Sat down on the curb and spit up blood.


"I need a drink"

Fortunately someone said "no, you don't" or he probably would have beat the helicopter to the punch.

Fat Boy 11-01-13 11:23 AM

I've sat several young race drivers down when haven't philosophical discussions about their craft. I'll play some live SRV off of Youtube for them. Generally, they've never seen it. Then I explain, "This guy is not thinking note-note-chord-bridge-note-chord-etc. He's making music. The things he's doing with his fingers is just a mechanism to produce the music. It's a means to an end. He is not even considering the finger movements or the physical act of playing. You have to be able to drive a race car in the same manner. The physical act of driving has to be so ingrained in your body that it's inconsequential. There are conscious thoughts that you can have about strategy, changing track/weather conditions, etc., but for the most part, it has to happen in an unconscious place that is automatic. That's the goal. Just go out and make music."

Now, very rarely does that actually happen (and even then, it's fleeting), but when it does, it's a beautiful thing.

TMonk 11-03-13 09:43 PM

On the radio in my apt right now is Kenny Burrell (great jazz guitarist) doing a fantastic version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Real slooow walking bassline, total blues-ballad style. This has always been one of my favorite melodies.

TMonk 11-03-13 09:59 PM

So here's how my Tame Impala show went for those interested (briefly):

These guys took me by surprise - they really are rock stars now. The vibe these guys put out is kind of psychedelic (obviously) and jam-band like for a rock n roll band, and a such I didn't expect much dynamics or "showboatness" (is that a word?), but they proved otherwise.

The first two songs they played sharp and tight - but strictly like the record versions. Nothing fancy. Later they started introducing sweet extended jam and/or solo sections over some of the key changes in each of there songs to showcase each musician. The "jams" always ended with a seamless switch back into the melody, straight-ahead.

There were points when it felt like I was at a metal or hardcore show - as far as the intensity of the music goes. Deep heavy bass notes, drummer riding the crash and smashing symbols, really loud guitar and synth/keyboard lines played in unison. Bad ass.

At the end of there set (before the encore), they played 30-45 seconds of just that. Loud, "heavy" rhythm section with unison guitar-keys lines playing some indiscriminate dissonant, diminished interval melody that wasn't really one of there songs (or even a part of one). I told our friend Kim (friend of mine and the gf's) as they walked off with the crowd going nuts: "They can't just leave me here wet and hot like that."

During the encore (or was it the main set?) they played a couple favorites and covered a Flaming Lips song. Don't ask me which one, I was pretty faded at that point.

Short Version: It was a very fun, exciting show. I was sitting there hooked during the quieter sections waiting for the next time they would turn it up. I'll go anytime they are in San Diego or LA.

waterrockets 11-04-13 08:18 AM


I heard on our local station that Tame Impala was doing a recording with the Flaming Lips and they will cover each other's songs.

SpeshulEd 11-04-13 08:27 AM

Nice, sounds like a great show. One of these days I'll see them. I'm seeing the Flaming Lips in December, they're playing a random music festival in Scottsdale.

Here's some details on the'd be sweet to see the two bands together.

Ygduf 11-13-13 06:28 PM

for someone who is making waves acting trashy, this is way sexier than twerking or tight clothes

mollusk 11-13-13 08:09 PM

Listening to Steely Dan's "Countdown to Ecstasy". I will be spinning my Mobile Fidelity vinyl version of the Stones "Sticky Fingers" a bit later. Playing "courting" music for my better half tonight.

waterrockets 11-13-13 08:54 PM

Damn. Came back to work for a few hours (deadlines...). Have a Rodrigo y Gabriela playlist going on YouTube, and holy crap, they're just so creative and energetic. Check out 7:45 for a minute or so...

Jandro 11-14-13 10:18 AM

If you like Cave In, Converge, and/or metal, you're gonna dig these dudes:

Drummer from Converge, singer from Cave In. They ****ing rule.

Nachoman 12-04-13 01:55 PM
Not sure how to embed this YouTube video. But it's Les Mccann and Eddie Harris playing "compared to what" in 1969.

TMonk 12-08-13 01:34 PM

nice find.

mollusk 12-09-13 05:23 PM

Spinning Uncle Tupelo's "No Depression" as I type. "Whiskey Bottle" is a great tune.

TMonk 12-16-13 10:04 PM

WTF hippy flashback



I rly enjoy the beat in this song. its hella jazzy

hammy56 12-16-13 10:24 PM

WR's clip of Texas Flood was from SRV's "Live at the El Macambo"…years ago I had it on VHS and watched it so often it finally exploded.

Youre welcome.

thechemist 12-17-13 06:17 AM

My music taste is all over the place but currently enjoying Comanche by In This Moment and Breaking me Down by Soil.

Fat Boy 12-19-13 10:59 AM

Funny, I never really hit this thread. I've got SRV 1982 Montreux playing in the background. I love it when they boo him.

rankin116 12-19-13 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by Fat Boy (Post 16343073)
Funny, I never really hit this thread. I've got SRV 1982 Montreux playing in the background. I love it when they boo him.

When he leaves the stage he looks back and gives them a 'wtf do you want' look. Wonderful.

waterrockets 12-19-13 01:28 PM

One of my friends saw him open for someone (Tom Petty?) in San Diego when nobody had heard of him. He said that after his set, everyone was just stunned and there was a lot of silence.

mollusk 01-01-14 04:13 PM

Playing Van Morrison "Moondance" for Spawn 1 after playing "Cumular Limit" for Spawn 2.

rkwaki 01-08-14 09:18 AM

Sitting at work listening to Halestorm...
Man Lizzy has a super sexy voice...........

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