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"The 33"-Road Bike Racing We set this forum up for our members to discuss their experiences in either pro or amateur racing, whether they are the big races, or even the small backyard races. Don't forget to update all the members with your own race results.

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I need some suggestions for Cat 5 crit goals

Ok guys...third crit done. Cat 5. I need some suggestions for setting some intermediate goals. Obviously winning is the main goal. Not sure if I am there yet.

Some goals which have been attained are:

Not getting dropped or lapped by the pack
Finishing with the main pack. This week I was mid pack most of the race and feeling ok with 2 laps to go. I kind of slowed a little just to merely observed what was going on as we completed final two laps. Finished with main pack with about 2-3 guys behind me. A small handful of lapped riders also pulled out/pulled themselves. Satisfied with result but ready to bump it up a little.

Should I ? :
try and win a prime (for sake of getting off the front)?
top 10 finish?
Attempt a break?
Other suggestions or ideas of what you did moving up through the ranks as a 5?
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cat V primes?

Impact the race.

Whether it is taking a flyer, bridging to a break, towing the field to a break, going up front and putting the screws down for a lap to stretch things out, covering moves for a team mate who is otf.

All of these things are great ways to take your racing beyond just sitting in.
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San Rensho 
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Try staying in the top 1/4 of the field at all times. Its much easier up there because you don't have the accordian effect as much and you can also see whats happening at the front and react to it. For example, if you see that its speeding up at the front, you can start winding up a bit even before the guy in front of you speeds up. Or if it slows down up front, start looking for gaps so you can move up insteasd of having to brake.
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Each of your 10 races should have a takeaway. In no particular order, mine were:

1) Finish the race (i.e. don't quit)
2) Don't get dropped.
3) Attack.
4) Win a prime/preme.
5) Stay in the first 15 the entire race.
6) Stay mid-pack the entire race (helps increase comfort/pack skills)
7) Position myself to contest the final sprint.
8) Attack, recover, and repeat until I get dropped.
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All of the Cat 5 crits I did went like this:

Sit in the field for a few laps.
Attack for the hell of it.
Hold on as long as possible.

That was my game plan for every one of them. Somehow it helped me win 2 of them.
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Are you going to do any races besides the Memorial Park races?

The order I did things when coming up cat5 was:
Off the front (not a serious attack, since I didn't know any better)
Top 10
Crash - you've already gotten this one out of the way.

Breaks will be incredibly difficult in the cat5 race at Memorial Park. If you want to try that, organize it BEFORE the race. Talk to the people you want, decide when and where to meet and attack. Make sure they have teammates to block and that their teammates know the plan. I've got some experience with this, and no one will bridge if you go solo, they will only reel you back in > then you'll be tired. Keep in mind that the average speed of the race is ~26 mph, so if you want to stay off the front, you'll have to manage probably 25 mph for however long you wanna stay off (assuming someone is blocking).

Each race dedicate to a specific skill you want to develop.
Race 1: Attack near the end of the race - maybe 2 laps left. Use your computer's lap function and time how long you stayed away. This is knowledge you can use later when you want to win. Did you get separation? You'll go OTB after a real attack, don't sweat it.
Race 2: Go for all the primes - this will likely put you OTB. That's OK. practice positioning, figure out how far you need in order to wind up your sprint. I learned way way late in the game, that I have to have a long distance to wind up, I can't just pop it like the typical "sprinter"-type.
Race 3: Practice bridging. Let a guy/group get 5 seconds on the pack, attack up to him. You don't have to work with him, just get there. Rinse and repeat... make sure you don't drag the field.
Race 4: Leadout/finish - get to the front with 1 lap left, this is a skill in and of itself - top 3/4 positions. If you can do that and feel good, maintain your position and try to sprint.

Anything you're going to do at the end of the race (1,4), do it during the weeks that's cat5 only. Anything during the race (2,3), do on the weeks that its a 4/5 race.
These are just ideas, but they're probably good goals/practice. I'm sure others can think of more. I raced almost that entire series last year and didn't have real goals for any of the races, so you're on the right track.
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