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bosoxmrkn 06-30-10 01:05 PM

Exeter Criterium video
Exeter Criterium Pro/1/2 from last night. I'm not a racer, so you get a sideline view of the action at different points. Decided to test out the iPhone 4 video recording. Edited the entire movie on iMovie on the iphone itself. It lost some quality in the upload to YouTube.

It was a very good race to watch. There was a 3 man break for at least 20 minutes in the middle of the race. In the video which starts at 30 minutes in, you see the group of 3 with a decent break, at 40 minutes they are way in front. I repositioned and at the 53 minute mark the peloton had caught up. Another 3 man break on the next lap which dissolves before the final lap. 1 Racer made a very early break, which you can see at the 63 minute mark, he had a sizable lead at the beginning of the final lap. He didn't last. The finish was closer than i expected it to be.

The race was won by Gloucester, MA native Shawn Milne. His second win at Exeter. Arguably the most notable racer in the pack, Ted King of the Cervélo TestTeam, placed 10th, 4 places behind his older brother.

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