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carpediemracing 12-10-13 02:11 AM

^ Good God man

And good work figuring it out.

But good God man.

waterrockets 12-10-13 10:43 AM

Yeah, that's quite a diagnostic effort there. I think you win.

mollusk 12-10-13 03:32 PM

I really like puzzles and this was a very good challenge. Figuring out the fault wasn't all that geeky. Figuring out a work around was kind of geeky. Taking great pleasure in using the work around for a long time was totally geeky.

The dishwasher is currently hard wired to the electrical power. That may be how the controller got fried as here in FLA we have a lot of lightning. Once the new controller arrives I will convert everything to a grounded three prong connections and add a surge protector.

Creakyknees 12-13-13 04:24 PM

here geeks, feast on this tasty morsel:

mollusk 12-13-13 04:28 PM

Originally Posted by Creakyknees (Post 16327884)
here geeks, feast on this tasty morsel:

Is there an open source Android version?

TMonk 12-20-13 01:03 PM

Do I really have to add "functionalization" to my Google dictionary?

Are there no other synthetic chemists in this world?

waterrockets 12-20-13 01:19 PM

My kids got completely hooked from Hour of Code. It's awesome. Two working in Scratch, and one working in Python.

Originally Posted by Creakyknees (Post 16327884)
here geeks, feast on this tasty morsel:

Funny there's no mention of MapMyRide/Run/Fitness in there. It's an Austin company that I might like to work with some day, but their Android app sucked the last time I tried it. Interestingly, Under Armour is acquiring them.

TMonk 01-12-14 01:24 PM

I just installed Starcrafton my labtop


Enthalpic 01-12-14 03:22 PM

Starcraft is fun.. but haven't played in a while and probably suck more than normal.

Enthalpic 01-21-14 11:27 PM

Goofing around on scratch again. Check out how these initial conditions play out.

Homebrew01 01-22-14 03:46 AM

Originally Posted by TMonk (Post 16346573)
Do I really have to add "functionalization" to my Google dictionary?

Are there no other synthetic chemists in this world?

You're a fraud !!

waterrockets 01-22-14 08:10 AM

Originally Posted by Enthalpic (Post 16430718)
Goofing around on scratch again. Check out how these initial conditions play out.

Very cool that it's stable and unexpected. Neat.

Daughter is working on a skiing game based on my simulated 3-D concept. We got the obstacles approaching you from the distance and getting bigger as they go. Should be ready to roll in the next day or two.

TMonk 01-22-14 10:35 AM

Originally Posted by Homebrew01 (Post 16430910)
You're a fraud !!


TMonk 01-22-14 10:37 AM

gf and i are gonna start screwing around on scratch this weekend, graduate to codeacademy later....

thx WR!

waterrockets 01-22-14 10:43 PM

You're welcome.

My daughter shared her "skiing game" tonight:

It's not done, but she wanted to get it out. Actually sort of fun to play.

Enthalpic 01-22-14 11:23 PM

Originally Posted by Enthalpic (Post 16430718)
Goofing around on scratch again. Check out how these initial conditions play out.

Got my first favorite project star. :D Probably one of WR's 9 year old students... who will then tidy things up.

waterrockets 01-23-14 08:13 AM

They still need so much help with the math. It clicks after I show them, but I'm having a tough time hinting them towards solutions on their own. That's fine though, my daughter is the most interested of the three, and she grinds and grinds until she's really stuck, then asks for help.

mattm 01-23-14 10:22 AM

A 3d rotating donut, what's not to love?

Amazing that it's done with so little code. I have no idea how it works.

waterrockets 01-23-14 10:25 AM


Enthalpic 01-23-14 10:34 AM

That's impressive... so is snow cat. :)

waterrockets 01-23-14 10:36 AM

Man, I can't figure out how that one line would compile. No time to dig into it now though. Quick reformat:

(looks like BF re-jiggers a closing curly brace into "**")

k;double sin(),cos();

    float A=0,B=0,i,j,z[1760];
    char b[1760];
                float  c=sin(i),
                int x=40+30*D*(l*h*m-t*n),
                if((22>y) && (y>0)&& (x>0) && (80>x) && (D>z[o]))
                    b[o]=".,-~:;=!*#[email protected]"[N>0?N:0];  /*this isn't going to compile...*/

Fat Boy 01-28-14 05:10 PM

What's the geek-thread take on Bitcoin?

mattm 01-28-14 05:33 PM

I felt like by the time I was reading about it on CNN and in Reuters articles, it was too late to get in on it.

"Mining" it doesn't sound like it's worth it in terms of the power consumption costs.. so that leaves buying it I guess.

And at that point you're just speculating on a wildly fluctuating asset, from what I can tell. I don't like that much risk so I'm sticking with the 401k.

All of that said, I'm pretty sure the total # of bitcoins is limited - when the last one is mined, I would think demand for it would go up and so would the price.. but I have no idea really.

Flatballer 01-29-14 10:48 AM

Bitcoin is interesting. When I first heard about it I could have started mining and maybe gotten a few, but they were only worth a dollar or so, so I didn't really care. Now the mining is only effective if you have a huge network of specialized machines, and even then the power costs almost outrun the gain. And yeah, buying right now is a risky buy. The whole thing could collapse in on itself leaving you with nothing. Or it could continue to appreciate at staggering rates. The total number of bitcoins is indeed finite, at 21 million. However, this is just code, and could be changed in the future (unlikely?).

The limit will be reached in 2140 ('cuz math and stuff). If you bought in early, you could've made a fortune. But you could've also lost it all, based on all the other coins you would have bought that have since disappeared. Will the price of a bitcoin go to $100k like some smart people think? I dunno. It's certainly possible if it becomes the defacto standard for the world. That seems unlikely to me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that you'd have to pay .0000001 bitcoins for a coffee, etc, and the government will never let the printing of physical coins overtake actually US Dollars because it's too valuable and too important.

Should you buy one? I've thought about it, maybe it'll be worth 100 or 1000 times what it is now sometime, but I think it's more likely it will die off, so I'm leaving my money in the stock market (which at least won't go to 0 when it inevitably crashes again).

mattm 01-29-14 11:00 AM

There's also litecoin, dogecoin, and even koinye.. probably hundreds more virtual currencies. Some of them are literally a joke.

From what I hear some of those are still feasible to mine cost-effectively (using special graphics cards), and you can convert them into bitcoins. So maybe those would be better to get in to now, since they aren't mainstream yet.

But yeah it's all too volatile for me..

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