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kleinboogie 02-01-12 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by zitter (Post 13795600)
nice videos, i like the front and rear. looks like i barely edged in for 2nd in the first one (3rd place is also my teammate haha, forgot to wear the right kit)

Thanks. Looked like you had a strong finish. btw, what camera are you using? Cheers

zitter 02-01-12 12:06 PM

contour hd, but my mount isn't very great. i have to find new more secure ways to mount it

you should post the video on the ucsd cycling facebook page

kleinboogie 02-01-12 12:35 PM

I'll post the video when it's done. You have the same cameras I do. I use the small Pedco ultraclamp with the extension taken off and a smaller bolt direct from Pedco and attach the contour universal adapter. Then I hang it under my bars. Have to flip the video in post. I also put a cable tie around the clamp and the bars just in case it rattles loose.

carpediemracing 02-07-12 11:20 PM

A race from last year. This is the 4th major iteration (with maybe 2-3 minor revisions for each major iteration), where I changed massive numbers of text boxes. The video didn't change beyond the first iteration, neither did the music. Hopefully I didn't miss anything. If the text doesn't flow right it's because I forgot to change something. One of a few races I recorded successfully as a Cat 2. None of them were good races for me.

kleinboogie 02-09-12 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by carpediemracing (Post 13824119)
A race from last year...

Great video as always. Thanks for the in-video tips and humor.

kleinboogie 02-09-12 11:05 AM

Red Trolley Criterium Pro 1/2 Race 2012/02/05
Red Trolley Criterium Pro 1/2 Race 2012/02/05. It started at 4pm so the light faded fast. Used the good cameras on this one. I tried to capture the chronology and essence of the race. Twixtor got some cool slow motion clips. Enjoy.

carpediemracing 02-12-12 07:38 AM

2011 Tour of Somerville, Cat 2s. Nothing to boast about.

kleinboogie 02-12-12 01:31 PM

I did a race today and noticed that officials seem to be looking a lot closer at every bike for things hanging off the bike. At Red Trolley they had a guy remove his saddle bag he forgot he still had on. That could have easily been my rear camera and would they then have me remove the front one? I'm not sure but now I'm a little nervous to show up at the line and have them ask to have my cameras removed which would suck because I cable tie them on to prevent them coming off. Any thoughts? Cheers

carpediemracing 02-12-12 02:52 PM

An official at Red Trolley came up to me, from behind, unannounced, and yanked on my helmet cam about as hard as he could. Think of a black lab trying to get a chew toy away from you. I almost wrenched my neck and the camera ended up a bit sideways (5-10 deg). I was thinking that the least he could have done is say, "Dude, I'm checking your camera" or something.

Having said that, around here, in CT area, it's less vigorous. Basically if it can fall off you should take it off, but zip ties are somewhat permanent. My bottles are the loosest things on the bike. Any time they want me to remove something off my bike, everyone's bottles will have to go first. I don't want to wipe out because someone dropped a bottle. Higher chance of that then me dropping my cam or SRM or whatever.

kleinboogie 02-13-12 06:56 PM

As a follow-up, here's some outtakes from the RT Crit Pro 1/2 race.

Varns269 02-15-12 09:00 PM

Anyone have the replay Xd camera? looking at getting one but there are not to many reviews out there.

Monkeyclaw 02-17-12 08:46 AM

I put together this vid from the Valley of the Sun Cat 5b crit. It's all stationary video taken by my wife.

Has anyone ever gotten any crap for wearing a camera during a race? I'm tempted to wear mine on my next race (using a chesty). I'm a little nervous that people might complain or something.

HMF 02-17-12 09:19 AM

Hey CDR, which helmet mount do you use for your Contour? I'm looking to get one but I'm seeing reviews that say the vented helmet mount is crap, and I don't think I would have any space to stick the "flat surface mount" on my helmet either.

winterrider 02-17-12 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by HMF (Post 13863503)
Hey CDR, which helmet mount do you use for your Contour? I'm looking to get one but I'm seeing reviews that say the vented helmet mount is crap, and I don't think I would have any space to stick the "flat surface mount" on my helmet either.

I recently purchased a contour camera and I got the vented helmet mount (it has two fabric straps, one on each side, that wrap around a part of the helmet). I haven't had any problems with it, though so far I've only used it for commuting since I got it at christmas and racing doesn't start up here for another couple of months.

From what I've seen so far though I'm perfectly happy with the mount. I synched the straps as tight as I could get them and the camera seems perfectly steady.

kleinboogie 02-17-12 11:18 AM

The helmet mount is actually good. I have them all. I had trouble with two pieces on my rear camera (which hangs upside down so there's more than normal stress on it). The flat mount pieces are held by velcro and came apart and the mating piece that slide into the grooves on the camera, one of them broke. Again, under the saddle they're under quite a bit of stress so I don't ding them for that. It's just it's plastic so it has limitations. GL

carpediemracing 02-17-12 11:32 AM

I use the included (in mine anyway) goggle mount.

I just run a wide velcro type strap through it. I haven't bought any other mounts. Another rider, a former member here, he uses just two zip ties and mounts his camera under his stem (no padding, no nothing). It's very quick and easy - I watched him mount my Contour under his stem before his race, then he rode over, cut the two zip ties, and handed the camera (sans his memory card) back to me. I then raced with it, no problems. That was the 2011 Red Trolley crit - he did the 3s, I did the M35s. He's posted a clip, I haven't.

From here:

HMF 02-28-12 09:59 PM

From the Cat 4 Road Race at Pace Bend this past weekend.

kleinboogie 03-01-12 05:01 PM

Nice. Wish it had more but I've had the same issue. Keep it up.

HMF 03-06-12 10:35 PM

From Lago Vista Cat 3/4 race on Sunday. Last lap.


carpediemracing 03-07-12 03:36 AM

gsteinb, you have a really strong teammate. This is his clip, GoPro (not sure what model but it was blinking).

piemtb 03-07-12 03:42 AM

Nice work HMF, it's better to have crack than sit in all race and sprint for 4th

shovelhd 03-07-12 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by piemtb (Post 13941409)
Nice work HMF, it's better to have crack than sit in all race and sprint for 4th

Good for giving it your all, HMF, but there was so much wrong with that break it would make a case study for a racing clinic.

HMF 03-07-12 09:04 AM

Do tell? I'm all ears. I was too far in the red to think straight but I got this cam for just that purpose, to learn from my mistakes.

shovelhd 03-07-12 11:43 AM


You did a good job overall. This is just armchair analysis, nothing more. Please take it FWIW.

4:33 - Nice attack, good pacing, but you were so close to the yellow, around here you would have gotten the horn from the moto ref. The reason the left side was open may have been due to the wind being on that side. Next time move up before you attack, and do it from the field, not up the side. Also, you could have saved some energy by tucking in behind #314 for a short bit before attacking again.

5:20 - You figured it out later, but he flicked you through, and on what appeared to be the sheltered side as well. You should have pulled through. Check your speed as he pulls off and match it if it's on a flat, doing your best to match effort so that he can get back on cleanly.

5:55 - This is where you should have flicked your rider through. He went by way too fast, forcing you to chase. That should be a sign to you that he's stronger, so take shorter pulls on the front.

6:17 - #326 pulls off but you can't hang. Instead you hang yourself out there while he rides away. He should have attacked here, but he didn't. You should have gotten back on his wheel and asked him to ease up, then take your short pull. As you move up the categories, communication is mostly implied, with very little talking. In this case, it would have helped the break if you two could have gotten on the same page.

6:36 - Too much coasting. The break should be drilling it. Short pulls. Tight rotation. Instead, it looks like a bunch of feeble attacks.

6:44 - The effort here causes you to let a gap open up a few seconds later. Patience. Conserve. Patience.

7:36 - #326 takes the turn and says something, letting a gap open. Not smart.

7:50 - #311 looks back and says something to #326. All he needed to do was flick his right arm. Instead, #326 passes on the left and screws up the rotation, if you want to call it that, because it never really got into one. Always shelter the break when you pull off. In a criterium, that means pulling off on different sides depending on where the wind is coming from on that leg.

8:04 - You had the chance to get the rotation going correctly. The guy in front dictates the pace and the rotation. Don't be afraid to take charge. Speak to the break as you're falling back if you have to. Tell them why you switched it up.

8:54 - Two riders on the front are looking back. Don't look back when you're on the front. You have a job to do and this is not the time for multi-tasking. The time to look back is when you get back on, or right before.

9:12 - Nobody should be telling anyone to hop on. You're supposed to be either working together or attacking the sh*t out of each other. That little gesture says pretty much everything about that break. His acceleration is not an attack, and it makes you bury it to stay on. Not smart. You did a good job fighting here.

9:38 - You're dying. Better to skip a pull than fall off the back. Flick off the rider behind you and get back there asap.

You did a good job holding your line through the finish.

HMF 03-07-12 12:06 PM

Good stuff. Thanks.

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