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MelloBoy 11-16-04 03:33 PM

new guy on USPS/Discover
a japanese guy made the 2k5 discovery channel pro cycling team (i'm from japan and this makes me excited hehe)


roadwarrior 11-17-04 04:58 AM

The sponsor is trying to make inroads in Japan and asked the team if it would be possible to find a Japanese rider...since, due to the Pro Tour, Discovery will be doing few if any races in the US to be used for development purposes, he'll be going into the deep end quickly.

don d. 11-18-04 01:37 PM

Some in depth comments from another Japanese pro:

I think a little gets lost in the translation. ;)

castaway 11-28-04 09:38 PM

What's the new guy's name? I tried to follow the link but got lost in the sign-up process (frankly I don't want to join a fan club just to read an article). Is there another link to another article?

Crispin 11-29-04 08:54 AM

Shimano is the new sponsor of the former Dutch Bankgiro-loterij team. It's not in the pro-tour but in the continental-class. The team has 8! Japanese riders and 8 dutch. I wonder if they are any good.

MelloBoy 11-29-04 12:07 PM

his name is Fumiyuki Beppu

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