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fubar5 04-24-02 02:22 PM

Training program
A good friend of mine made up a training program for me that I started this week. I am planning to race a few times this year and race even more next year. I'm goin to try and find a team to race for. But anyway, training is kickin' my butt!!! My legs hate me! But I'm lovin' it!

nathank 04-25-02 05:06 AM

yeah, i'm working on a training schedule for the season - hope to do maybe 2-3 XC MTB races per month and then some big ride/tours like a week long Alp Crossing from Germany to Italy.

in general i have 2-3 days of hard riding per week in additon to my base 100km from commuting::

Mon-Fri i get 10km x 2 commuting to work
* Sunday - hard ride - either racing or big rides
* Monday - rest day - no sports or easy sports - maybe upper body weight training
* Tuesday - inline skating - 2 hours high sustained puls with sprints with big group
* Wednesday - i lead a group MTB ride after wrok here in Munich - we ride 2-3 hours on trails for about 25-60km - i try to make it interval training with sprints and fast climbs mixed with relaxed 'rest' riding
* Thursday - ?? other sport
* Friday - ??? light training or rest
* Saturday - ride of various length/intensity depending on plan for Sunday (easy if race Sunday)

+ 2 days per week weight training (one day back/biceps/stomach, one day chest/tri/stomach -- legs maybe once a month)
+ then mix of other sports: volleyball, soccer, squash, running, mountain climbing (1000m+ vertical)

i'm getting a full fitness/lactate diagnostic on the bike this afternoon to help me set a base and confirm my numbers (from my own training: 195 max pulse and 165 lactate threshold for cycling)

fubar5 04-25-02 05:32 AM

That's great nathank!!! Inline skating with a big group sounds interesting. A pair of good skates is on my list of things to buy, among many many other things!

nathank 04-25-02 06:16 AM

yeah, inline skating is pretty big in a bunch of European cities. Starting next week they have a huge Monday night skate here in Munich with 20,000 to 30,000 skaters! unfortunately it's really slow as many of the skaters are beginners. So it's more just social and people drink beer and it's not really skating and definitely not training.

but there is a 'real' skating group - the 'Original Munich Skate Night' - with about 30-100 skaters every Tuesday night. we skate about 10km (45-60minutes) to a beer garden and then have a beer and pretzels and then skate back. There are similar groups in Paris and also in the US - my sister's active in the Philadelphia Landskaters and i've skated with them a few times - usually 50-200 skaters. i also know of similar groups in DC, New York and Houston.

i enjoy it and it's really good cardio training. i can get my pulse easily up to 80-95% max and from perceived effort it's much easier to sustain a high pulse rate for me than running or cycling - plus it's way less impact than running (from running too much i have knee tendonitis and lower back problems). plus my girlfriend skates - she rides too but only leisurely...

RainmanP 04-26-02 11:56 AM

I was in San Francisco a few years ago. There was a skate of this sort scheduled for that Friday night. One of the people I was meeting with told me she attends many of them. They seemed to be frequent though not necessarily every Friday at the time.

Joe Gardner 04-26-02 12:25 PM

Fubar, whats your program like? What are your goals? Right now im focused on base miles, 22miles a M-F, 40 mile easy ride on Sat, rest Sunday. (150 miles a week)

Once I have ~1500 base miles (10 weeks down the road), and feel comfortable on the new bike, i'll develop a training program in more depth.

fubar5 04-26-02 09:24 PM

My goals are to A) take my cycling ability to another level and B) To race. Ba-dg-er made my program for me actually. It has three zones, recovery, distance, and threshold. Each day (except for Fridays which are off days) has a work out made up of different zones, with some single leg workouts thrown in. When I get a HRM the zones and training will be more specific.

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