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531Aussie 10-25-05 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by socalrider
The one unique thing is the seat tube angle..69 degrees..

WOW!! :eek:

got a picture?

socalrider 10-25-05 09:57 PM

ed073 10-25-05 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by socalrider

69 degrees... I call it the cadillac because it rides so smooth..

That is laaaaaaaiiiiidd back.....

531Aussie 10-25-05 10:09 PM

didn't Bauer use an angle like that?

ed073 10-25-05 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by 531Aussie
didn't Bauer use something like that?

Yep....his famous "chopper" from the 1994 Paris-Roubaix. Had about 200 chain links and a gap between the rear wheel and frame you could fit one of Ron Coleman's arms in....

Very short lived experiment.

531Aussie 10-25-05 10:18 PM

here's another test for ya.
Where? When? Who? What happened?

ed073 10-25-05 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by 531Aussie
here's another test for ya.
Where? When? Who? What happened?

Too easy.

His famous 1cm loss at Paris-Roubiax to the great Eddy Planckaert in 1990. you can just see the lanky Edwig Van Hooydonck in the background.

waltergodefroot 10-25-05 10:21 PM

Planckeart and Bauer, Paris_Roubaix, photo finish victory Eddy, 1990

waltergodefroot 10-25-05 10:23 PM

so i'm typing one handed...

ed073 10-25-05 10:26 PM

John Tomac finished stone motherless last at P-R in 1990....he said afterwards that he and Bauer had a bit of a kassien hit-out on the day before the race....might've tired Steve out just that little bit to cost him the win!!

Ceya 10-25-05 10:26 PM

I was told Bauer like to use 180 crank arms also.


waltergodefroot 10-25-05 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by Ceya
I was told Bauer like to use 180 crank arms also.


If that's true, it's prolly why he lost that sprint to Grewal the Great in Mission Viejo in 1984. Are you listening 531 Aussie? :D

531Aussie 10-25-05 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by waltergodefroot
If that's true, it's prolly why he lost that sprint to Grewal the Great in Mission Viejo in 1984. Are you listening 531 Aussie? :D

I could never sprint anyway :)

redal 10-26-05 01:38 PM

socalrider, where do you ride. I am from SoCal also, some of my friends have some of the old Motorola bikes. One actually has one of Lance's frames but he doesn't ride it.

socalrider 10-26-05 02:02 PM

Is your friend named Bud, I have met him.. He has one of the Caloi Lance bikes.. I live in Claremont..

galen_52657 10-26-05 02:24 PM


I was looking at some old, old, old photo's last night... of the Tour de Trump stop in Baltimore....Dag-Otto is in the pink jersey! Lots of 7-11's here and there... But Alexi was riding for Coors Light as was... Greg LeMond! I have a great shot of LeMond signing autographs...

redal 10-26-05 03:44 PM

I can't believe you live in Claremont and haven't seen you riding that bike. I live in San Dimas. My wife manages Bud's and I have been going there since 1988. I do know Bud but the old manager of Bud's (no relation), Andrew Hillman, is the one that hooked up a bunch of those frames. You are right though, you have a Merckx and think all of those guys have the Calois.

redal 10-26-05 03:51 PM

I don't know if you are looking for information or not but that was the first year that Coors Light had a team. Lemond was riding for ADR but he would do races in the U.S. for Coors Light and the team would be called Coors Light-ADR. He also raced at CoreStates with them. That is also why he wore Coors Light hats on the podium at the Tour. He was supposed to be at the Tour of Palm Springs but didn't show up. I convinced my mom to let me miss school and go work the race with my friend who was the Powerbar rep at the time. Lemond used Powerbars at the time and we were supposed to get to meet him. He didn't show. We kind of knew ahead of time but I didn't let my mom know.

lorrod7 03-13-06 09:37 PM

Wasn't Scott McKinley on the 7-11 Team too? I know I raced against him as a Junior and he was on their Junior squad.....along with Paul Estabrook and Aaron Deruntz. Can't remember the other guys.

cmh 03-13-06 11:47 PM

[QUOTE=barepedles]...they came to our "milk races" I think the second year they were there it was sponsored by Lowenbrau!! Never did figure how a beer company sponsored milk races!? Anyway..I believe it would have been 83-85 range..QUOTE]

Are you from Wisconson? I think the race you must be talking about was the Pepsi-Lowenbrau Classic. It was a week long series with races all over Wisconsin. I raced some of the races in 83-85 as an intermediate, then a junior. They used to have cases of Lowenbrau for primes, but only cases of Pepsi for the intermediates and juniors.

I remember watching Eric Heiden and Tom Shuler racing in the Pro's race, among many other 7-eleven guys. Tom Shuler used to live in Illinois, and my friends and I would buy his old wheels and bikes from him. One friend had a 7-eleven issue "Murray" he bought from Shuler in about 85. Those were fun times.

San Rensho 03-14-06 10:09 AM

They were racing in 81 or 82. I was in a pro 1, 2 race against them in Minneapolis in the early spring (one of those years) and I had just come back from training in Fla all winter and was pretty strong.

They took everything, but my teamate and I got 11th and 12th, the best finishers outside of the 7eleven team. Damn Slurpies!

Veloduo 03-14-06 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by ed073
Yep. In 1991 Phil was white hot at the start of the season......winning everything.

In 1994 (his final season) when the suspicious Gewiss-Ballan team were winning everything, he gave a great interview...

"I'm not saying the Italians are doping, but when a pasty-white fat guy goes past me at 40kmh uphill, something ain't right."

LOVED Phil A.!!!!!!!!!!

Wishbone 03-17-06 08:53 AM

Did anyone notice that Jim Ochowicz's daughter raced as a speed skater in the Winter Olympics that just concluded? A number of good American cyclists from the 7 Eleven era got their start as skaters, I suppose because they used cycling to train in the off-season.

I was fortunate to meet a number of the 7 Eleven guys the first year Hampsten was on the team when they were present for the opening of a Wheels in Motion bike shop in Dallas. I got autographed cards from Hampsten, and my two young sons used to keep them on their nightstands next to their beds the way some kids displayed baseball cards.

The team raced in a criterium at the State Fair of Texas in October of, oh, 1984 or 1985. The course took them through a parking lot and on the sidewalk in front of the Cotton Bowl. To get over the curb in front of the stadium, asphalt was packed down to construct a makeshift "ramp". Everytime the pack went by, a couple of guys would rush out with brooms to sweep up the scattered clumps of asphalt, and try to repack the ramp. Ron Kiefel won, but I kept hearing people in the crowd ask "Where's Eric Heiden?" as he was the only guy most non-cyclists knew by name. Heiden wasn't there that day.

AndyGrow 03-17-06 09:16 AM

I'm still pissed - Phil Anderson never replied to a letter I mailed him back in the 80's. He was my favorite rider at the time (back when I used to be fast!).

I will never forgive him! ;)

531Aussie 03-17-06 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by AndyGrow
I'm still pissed - Phil Anderson never replied to a letter I mailed him back in the 80's. He was my favorite rider at the time. I will never forgive him! ;)

I saw him walking along the beach a couple of years ago, and I couldn't help but act like a stooopid, gushing fan :D

After about 45 seconds I realized I was making goose of myself, so I ended the 'banter' :)

He had a look on his face like, "oh no, not another dickhead on an 80s steel bike who's gunna chew my ear off" :D

Taller than I thought (i think he's 6ft 1), still in pretty good shape, massive calves!!!!

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