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guadzilla 06-30-12 10:48 AM

CTS Progressive Power set question
Anyone used it before? If so, how have you used it? Ie, how many times a week, what else have you done with it, etc?

The classical options would be:
Mon - rest
Tue - CTS
Wed - some muscular endurance work
Thu - CTS
Fri - easy
Sat - long, hard ride
Sun - medium Z2 ride

Any other suggestions on how to best do this? I was thinking of perhaps combining this with some block workouts, so:

- 3-4 days consecutive CTS workouts (till fatigued)
- 2-3 days recovery
- rinse and repeat

I have about 2 months of free time coming up - no travel, not a lot of work, so want to really get a good chunk of training in.


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