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jsutkeepspining 12-03-12 07:42 PM

lucky! i dont get home till 4 :P

sstang13 12-03-12 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by jsutkeepspining (Post 15012402)
lucky! i dont get home till 4 :P

You must love the weekend!

Duke of Kent 12-03-12 08:15 PM

I've shared this story before, but it seems appropriate to break it out every once in a while.

Once upon a time, when I was a cute little Cat2 road racer, I finished my race, and the old ass old dudes' 40+ race was after the P/1/2. Inexplicable, I know. During my cooldown lap, I pulled off the course to let the old boys have their fun.

A young boy came up to me during the race, and asked me what was going on. It was immediately obvious to me that this young man, Greg, had Down Syndrome. I sat down and took the time to answer any questions he had until he seemed satisfied. Unfortunately, Greg seemed scared by the racers as they whizzed past. He sat down next to me, and stuck out his hand. I looked around, and saw two parent-looking adults nearby, both of whom made eye contact with me. The mom nodded, and I held Greg's hand. For a while, reassuring him and talking to him.

Eventually, I learned that Greg wanted to learn how to ride a bike, and be a bike racer like me some day. It tore me up to more or less lie to him and say "Yes, you'll be a bike racer too, Greg." I was on the verge of breaking down when the race ended, and he got up and walked away to his parents. His parents both came over to me a short while later and thanked me.

Ever since then, I've had a piece of athletic tape with his name taped to the handlebar of any bike I've owned. Because whenever I'm feeling sorry for myself and don't want to keep pushing, or in the winter, when I just want to get off my bike, I look down at that piece of tape. And realize that there are thousands of kids just like Greg who would give anything to be able to ride a bike, let alone race it. And that it insults Greg's very existence when I don't take advantage of the many opportunities that I have, however trivial they may seem to me.

rbart4506 12-03-12 08:52 PM

^^^Thanks for posting that...

I have my dad's old toque (winter hat for those who don't know) sitting in front of my fan. It reminds me of him and the pain that he suffered...My pain on the bike is nothing compared what he had to endure at the end....

johnybutts 12-03-12 08:55 PM

Took today off. Still very sore from my crash yesterday - don't worry guys, it was in the dirt.

Fat Boy 12-03-12 10:17 PM

Duke. Awesome story. Thanks.


A little stretching and rollering was all I did today. Rest is good.

Virten 12-03-12 11:13 PM

Wow, thank you for sharing, Duke.

Rode 73.4 miles today on wet roads.

TMonk 12-03-12 11:32 PM

+1 man that's deep.
I appreciate reading that; puts things in perspective for me.


Shootin' for 3 at a lowish Z2 tomorrow b4 work over here.

waterrockets 12-03-12 11:56 PM

DoK, just as moving as the first time I read it. I remember it came up a lot in the "what motivates you?" threads. Good stuff.

shovelhd 12-04-12 06:31 AM

DoK +1

RacerJRP 12-04-12 09:55 AM

Was feeling like crap. No energy on or off the bike, legs constanly heavy and burned as soon as I started to pedal. Took two weeks easy. Brought volume down ~200tss per week and 2.5 hours per week. Got back to it last night on the trainer and felt like a million bucks! :)

miwoodar 12-04-12 10:26 AM

Thanks for sharing Duke. Very moving.

My training status - trying to dig a hole but it's not working. I need to find a bigger shovel.

johnybutts 12-04-12 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by miwoodar (Post 15014206)
My training status - trying to dig a hole but it's not working. I need to find a bigger shovel.

Can I recommend a CX bike or Mtn bike? Both very good for holes.

miwoodar 12-04-12 10:41 AM

The MTB trails are still open around here. I don't think we're getting a winter this year. I'm not sure if this is good (awesome riding conditions) or bad (no ski days).

jsutkeepspining 12-04-12 10:42 AM

1 hour yesterday with 40 minutes of sst.

laserfj 12-04-12 11:49 AM

An hour this morning before work @ z2.

Going to jog 45 min tonight because I'm paranoid about having weak joints.

tommyrod74 12-04-12 12:04 PM

4-day weekend in Savannah, GA with the family. Brought a bike and went on tough group rides Saturday and Sunday. Those coastal riders don't fret over a lack of elevation change... they just kill it over every bridge or overpass, and have preset sprint points (marked on the road with 1k to go, 500m, etc) along the route. They also keep track of the points over the course of the ride. Headwinds + sprints + double rotating pacelines = good hard workout. 2.75 hours Saturday, 3.25 hours Sunday. ~450 TSS over the 2 rides. Tired yesterday and today, duh. Always great to meet new people and ride new roads!

RedLeg 12-04-12 12:33 PM

Dang....I miss the Savannah Wheelmen. Got yelled at alot when I first started riding with that group 5 years ago.

Virten 12-04-12 12:40 PM

25 mile recovery ride, very wet roads.

tetonrider 12-04-12 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Duke of Kent (Post 15012480)
I've shared this story before, but it seems appropriate to break it out every once in a while.

great story; thanks for sharing. i had not seen it before.

i'm about to hop on my bike, indoors, to complete an FTP test. good timing.

waterrockets 12-04-12 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by waterrockets (Post 14990331)
First 1' intervals since 2011! Was not pretty.
4x1x5: 540W, 580W, 550W, 500W

I was doing the 70% recoveries though, but that doesn't explain the first one that was about 100W lower than expected. Last week I questioned my motivations for doing AWC and VO2 for this block, but now I'm glad I am -- I need to get those systems going again. Week 1 of 3 now... Next block will be base again, I think -- need to look at a calendar again.

Ok, today went better, with the first two being in the 620-630W range, none lower than 560W. I still have a bit of soccer soreness in the legs that I could feel during these intervals, but I'm happy to see some quick progress. I'm hoping to get the first or second interval back over 700W again though.

jsutkeepspining 12-04-12 03:05 PM

i still have you beat slowrockets :P (i'm only rubbing this in because my 1 minute power is pathetic).

caloso 12-04-12 03:31 PM

45 minutes on the commute this morning. Junk miles mostly, but it's better than driving.

jsutkeepspining 12-04-12 04:03 PM

most of my riding is junk miles :p its my favorite kind of riding.

mattm 12-04-12 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by jsutkeepspining (Post 15015351)
most of my riding is junk miles :p its my favorite kind of riding.


Commute today for 2.5 hours total. Uau I'm actually training!

Or at least getting in some time in the saddle. I'd planned to get 12-15 hours/week last month, instead I got about 15 hours for the whole month. This month will be different dammit!!

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