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johnybutts 11-17-12 01:55 PM

5:30 riding time, 96 miles, and my longest ride in a year or two.

robabeatle 11-17-12 02:19 PM

El Tour de Tucson today. 111 miles. 4 hours 37 minutes. My vision is a bit blurry.

notwist 11-17-12 02:54 PM

yeaa that's not normal

robabeatle 11-17-12 02:54 PM

starting to feel better with some calories in me.

jsutkeepspining 11-17-12 03:03 PM

i had a fun ride. limited time (well sort of :P ) so i went and did an hour of z2, followed by ZCIs, then had 30 minutes of tempo going home. a fun way to waist 2.5 hours.

might not ride tomorrow becuase i need to finish studying, but after tuesday im free to ride all day! in florida till the monday after thanksgiving, so hopefully i can ride a lot

grolby 11-17-12 04:51 PM

Team/regional group ride today. Geez, a lot of these guys are still going real fast. Hard, hard, hard. 3 hours with lots of time at threshold, over threshold, tempo when it was easy. My legs are thrashed, but what the hell, it's good for me and I've got a light week coming up. Tomorrow I still need to get in about an hour twenty of Z2 and then a 45-minute cross race to close out the training week, so THAT should be interesting.

waterrockets 11-17-12 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by Fat Boy (Post 14955934)
Can you hear them?

I wish.

No way I'd hear them over all the helicopter traffic. There are a lot of rich folks in town this weekend.

TMonk 11-18-12 10:36 PM

today i capped off a long ride and week at 4 and 14hrs on the bike, respectively. wrapped up a 3-week block at 10/12/14 hrs.
i haven't rode this much for more than a few years when i was in college. my legs are totally trashed.

on tap for next week: easy week w a few short and slow rides and tons of food and beer. joy.


benajah 11-18-12 11:33 PM

With shortening days, all of my weekday rides are focused intervals on the trainer. I've always hated the trainer but decided to Zen-like embrace it this year and did 4000 feet of climbing today on real hills, in the real world, and I must say, watching UFO encounters and marathon episodes of Jericho on Netflix is paying off.
I think my best training tool might just be my iPad that can get wifi in the garage.

TMonk 11-18-12 11:43 PM

get some lights.

caloso 11-19-12 12:20 AM

Raced cross this morning. It rained for 2 days and then the sun came out this morning. Totally muddy of course, but as it began to dry out, it turned into the consistency of peanut butter. Good times.

Creatre 11-19-12 09:49 AM

Just finished a rest week with 1.5hr ez Saturday, 2hr ez Sunday. Coach had me do 7 days riding but all z1 for just under 8hr for the week. Definitely interesting approach to rest week, seem to be fresh though. Back at it this week for some serious riding!

johnybutts 11-19-12 12:05 PM

60 miles finished this morning.

14 hrs last week.

Gonna do a century tomorrow I hope. Not sure what I'll do about the rest of the week, but we will see.

grolby 11-19-12 02:00 PM

Did a cyclocross race yesterday - 45 minutes of basically crisscross threshold intervals, lots of VO2max stuff I'm sure. Got third place in the CX3 race, won some beer and a pair of socks.

Followed that up with 1.5 hours at Z2 to close out week three of my first base period. This week is a very conveniently-timed rest week, and boy do I need it.

I'm seeing a definite pattern in my cyclocross race performances - it seems as though getting my legs shredded on Saturday leads to a good result on Sunday. Honestly, I probably don't need to get completely wiped out the day before a race to benefit, just have to do enough to open myself up and be ready to rumble for 45 minutes. I'll keep this in mind for road racing as well. As a side note, this fall I'm sticking to my plan to not travel far for cross races, and I'm only doing six altogether. But I clearly have some actual ability in cyclocross, so I'll probably make it more of a focus next year. I'll probably have an enforced break in mid-summer next year anyway as I move somewhere new and get settled in, so that would be a good time to recharge and put together a plan to actually have somewhat of a peak for cross season.

kindablue 11-19-12 02:03 PM

Two hours of tempo-eque climbing. I wish I had more time to ride today...

waterrockets 11-19-12 02:28 PM

Easy day today. So of course I went for a pr on a hill. Got my 2nd best time. 4 seconds off where I was last year at this time.

I like rest weeks.

Creatre 11-19-12 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by waterrockets (Post 14965006)
Easy day today. So of course I went for a pr on a hill. Got my 2nd best time. 4 seconds off where I was last year at this time.

I like rest weeks.

Wow that KOM has some serious competition. No powermeter today?

*edit: nevermind, saw you are using android for strava!

waterrockets 11-19-12 03:05 PM

Yeah, it's pretty crazy on that KOM. We have a few hot areas like that. Juan Pelota has a lot of KOMs in the area too, and they're as ridiculous as expected.

On trainer-related news, I discovered this BrBa video that's awesome:

jsutkeepspining 11-19-12 03:17 PM

midterms = little riding. last one tomorrow, so excited to start break.

90% on math midterm, 2nd highest in the class.....i'll take it!

shovelhd 11-19-12 03:31 PM

Nice job, kid.

Virten 11-19-12 03:32 PM

35 miles at high z3

johnybutts 11-19-12 04:13 PM

Holy cow WR, mino must have made some huge progress!!! I was racing 3s with him not too long ago.

tetonrider 11-19-12 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by waterrockets (Post 14965130)
Juan Pelota has a lot of KOMs in the area too, and they're as ridiculous as expected.

were those not stripped as well? :)

robabeatle 11-19-12 08:46 PM

1.3 hour commute, .3 hour swim, and lifting workout (legs).

tommyrod74 11-20-12 09:51 AM

Last MTB race of the season on Sunday (won duo coed - 6 hour race). Off yesterday, lifted this AM. 275 lbs x 5 x 2 sets on deadlift, then 225 x 10 x 2 sets. Pullups and dips. Off tomorrow. Easy ride on Turkey Day to my folks' house for dinner. Will likely take it very easy all week as a reward for the long season of racing. Maybe next week, too :)

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