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revchuck 10-26-13 03:07 AM

That's okay, few long climbs around here, so I'm sticking with the 12-27 except for the one race I do in March that has a .7 mile 12% climb, and I've got a 12-30 for that. Actually, for the past year I've been mostly using a 12-23 - one tooth progression from 12-19, 21, 23.

dave42 10-26-13 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by waterrockets (Post 16187715)
FWIW, counting strokes in cat 3 finish videos on YouTube, most of them are won at 105-110 rpm. Pro sprinters are all over the place: 95-115 rpm range for the winners.

110rpm is 36mph in a 50/12.

Thanks, waterrockets. More stuff to think about.

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