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tetonrider 11-28-13 10:02 AM

doesn't everyone just get called into a meeting with their teams management and director sport if and get handed their schedule for the year?

i assumed that's the way it works for everybody in the racing forum.

revchuck 11-28-13 10:16 AM

Mine will be negotiated around a table laden with empty and partially-full beer glasses.

Impreza_aL 11-28-13 10:33 AM

the flatter the better.

Jandro 11-28-13 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by Impreza_aL (Post 16286052)
the flatter the better.

Says the guy who climbs mt. hamilton at least once a week.

Impreza_aL 11-28-13 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by Jandro (Post 16286912)
Says the guy who climbs mt. hamilton at least once a week.

lol doesn't mean i'm good at it or will ever be. i'll take a keirin, match sprint, or scratch race any day of the week.

caloso 11-29-13 01:36 AM

For what it's worth, I'm making Nevada City an A race this year. Have absolutely no chance, in fact I'll have to be in the shape of my life just to not be dropped ignominiously. But it's an awesome race, and that's as good a reason as anything else.

EventServices 11-30-13 09:31 AM

I've learned that cyclists are very much like crack addicts who will register for any race ... no matter what.

We had a crit last year on a course that everyone complained loudly about. It was horribly dangerous. Crashes in every field. People were breaking wheels, handlebars, saddle posts, etc. There were a million flat tires. Entry fees were +$50.
It was in a remote resort town requiring +4 hours driving where the cheap hotels start at $250 per night.
It's an expensive weekend.

But when I asked guys if they were going back next year, and they all said yes.

I don't need to race every weekend at this point in my life. I pick and choose based on the following:
- fun course (not an industrial complex)
- decent size fields
- can I do the Trifecta? Are the 45+ and 35+ and Pro-1-2 races near each other on the schedule?
- are there decent golf courses nearby?
- is there water nearby to take my paddle board?

Doge 10-15-14 10:21 PM

Only race if...
There is a chance of winning OR it is good training/learning.

Cost (money and time)
Does it help the team
Who is watching
How much money / is it any fun

The money/fun thing is a race by race thing.

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