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dz_nuzz 12-07-13 06:08 AM

Black Ice...Meh
So do I HTFU and get out there on the roads, or do I HTFU and spend 4 hours on a bike trainer?

Actually when do you guys find Black Ice is most common temperature wise? Up here in good ole New England we have some nice wet roads this morning with a temperature of 34 F inside the city and I am just worried about what it will look like once I get to better riding territory (Read: Colder).

misterwaterfall 12-07-13 10:01 AM

Its currently a balmy 18* and I'm about to hop on the bike so I say htfu. Our roads have been pretty dry all week though

gsteinb 12-07-13 10:26 AM

imagine if everyone woke up and started a thread about the weather where they are? awesome stuff, weather, but plenty of places the minutiae of life can already be posted.

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