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Gramercy 04-17-14 10:56 AM

Issue for a race promoter - not getting credit for a race
I did a race on April 6th in Central Park. I signed in, pinned on my number, and finished the race in the middle of the pack. On the USAC site there is no record of my finish, my number, my name, nothing. I contacted the director a few times in the past few days and now he is saying that I had to finish the race and then tell the person handing out the money/rewards that I finished, even though there is a camera at the finish line. There were 50 people in this cat 5 race, and for places 1 through 9 it has people's names and places and for 10 to 17 it just says DNP. Last time I did this race in March I finished 22nd out of 50 and got a DNP, and it's registered on USAC's race so I got credit for the cat 5 race. I didn't tell anyone last time that I finished but still got credit for the race.

This time I must have finished after 17th (I figured I finished between 15 and 20).

I told this promoter that I have proof on Strava that I did the race and finished the race, and people can vouch for me being there as well. What else can I do in this situation to get credit for finishing this race?

merlinextraligh 04-17-14 11:22 AM

Send an email to the promoter attaching the strava file. Ask him to amend the results to show you finished, even if it's DFL. Remind him that it matters because you have to have 10 Cat 5 finishes.

He probably won't do anything, though. Add it to your race resume as a pack finish, and send the race resume in with your upgrade request when you get to 10. Depending on the Rep, they may not question your self reported 10 finishes, and give you the upgrade.

If the Rep questions the result, send them the email exchange, if the Rep still doesn't give you credit, you just have to do one more cAt 5 race.

gsteinb 04-17-14 11:34 AM

don't waste your time in this case. you're not going to accomplish anything.

achoo 04-17-14 12:11 PM

Not much to add, other than get used to it.

I've gotten placed pretty well in races I finished OTB in. I've been completely left off when I have finished well.

It's not like there's a lot at stake.

YMCA 04-17-14 01:23 PM

You'll be fine when upgrade time comes. Just add that race in and explain situation.

aaronmcd 04-17-14 03:42 PM

I got 6th in a recent circuit race. Stuck around waiting to see results, saw results that said I was 6th (6th was out of points, but I was also waiting for the TT results). When the results were posted online they gave me DNP. I think they were confused when I rolled around again after a cool down lap (even though most other did as well). It will only make a difference if a 4 → 3 upgrade comes down to a number of top 10 finishes, but I emailed anyway. They said they'd look at it but that was the last I heard from them. It really doesn't matter, but it's rather annoying!

Moyene Corniche 04-17-14 09:29 PM

Just roll with it... There will be races in your future where you don't appear, it shouldn't happen with today's tech, but it can..
As a Cat 5 it's not that critical since your upgrade depends on # of races.... If you were a Cat III or a Cat II then your high placings are critical..
But for now it's not worth the headache to dispute this... Just hand in your upgrade request when the time comes and if any doubt include the hardcopy of your race registration.... Voila ...!!

carpediemracing 04-17-14 09:45 PM

For Cat 5s it's the number of finished races. It'll make a difference. There was one rider in my race that was officially given a DNF, the only one that day. I asked the officials if he actually finished (he had all sorts of evidence, plus I know a lot of his much more experienced group ride partners and they confirmed he's a good guy and that he finished). However I was never given the okay to give him a DNP so he never got it. He had to wait one more race finish to upgrade.

Wylde06 04-18-14 06:33 AM

I upgraded to the 4's with only 8 races showing up on my profile. I had done 12, but some of them were training races and they didnt include lapped riders. One race there was a major screw up with the finish line camera and they only included the top 4 or 5 finishers in the race. I included this in my request and it was approved.

merlinextraligh 04-18-14 07:38 AM

^ I think this is largely going to depend on your district rep and how much of a stickler they are.

Wylde06 04-18-14 08:39 AM

I think you are right. Our local rep used to work closely with my club from my they know about our races (that dont count towards anything other than club bragging rights)

But either way, just keep track of all of your races and include everything when it comes time to put in for the upgrade to Cat 4

gsteinb 04-18-14 08:47 AM

I can't stress enough that in this instance gramercy's efforts would be better focused on wishing water wasn't wet.

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