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ovoleg 04-17-14 10:59 AM

Well looks like My Season is over...Femoral Neck Fracture - Pic and Vid
Well if anyone tells you that you're safe at the front, just remember that's not always true. I was riding at the front when this happened and the guy accelerated on the outside and cut right into my line. I fumbled it for a second but as he kept turning into me I just took a crap and went down.

Initially I knew my hip as fubared pretty good. It felt pretty numb at first and I could barley move my leg. I eventually remounted the bike and pedaled with my right foot as some nice guy out of the Masters field pulled out to help me. I got a ride from my buddy Will rode to the race and was going to carpool back with me.

Arrived at urgent care and took some Xrays, they weren't 100% sure if it was a break or a artery(vein) running along that path and after 10mins confirmed it was a fracture. They scrubbed my road rash which hurt metrically. I didn't need pain meds because when they weren't touching me I didn't feel much pain. Moving the leg resulted in massive pain. Off to the emergency room where they took another x-ray and prepped me for some screw insertion.

They say that I was lucky that the bone wasn't heavily displaced and the screws should hold it together pretty good while it heals. I asked them if I need to take them out later and they said they weren't sure but will need to evaluate that in the future, right now I need the fracture to heal. I guess I should be glad I didn't get more hardware in the leg :(

All in all I'm upset but I kind of knew at some point I'd get into a wreck, just didn't think it would be this bad...

They say no weight bearing exercises for 6 weeks then I need to start physiotherapy and then maybe at 3 months I could ride a bike again. I hope to take it slowly but go to a physical therapist that specializes in bike accidents and is more oriented toward sports injuries and not just your typical old person that fell down the stairs.

Here is the vid, feel free to comment and tell me if I was the noob.

Plus Side: I get to focus more on my programming and moving into another career.
Neg Side: I am crippled.

Park2Park El Dorado Series - 15 April 2014 - Cat 4/5 Crash on Vimeo

merlinextraligh 04-17-14 11:12 AM

Sorry to hear you crashed. Really sucks breaking your hip. Heal fast.

As for the video, I think you can make an argument that the guy on the outside chopped your line. He had plenty of room on the outside, and didn't need to turn that tight.

That said leading up to the curve, you seem to be jumping around a lot first inside then outside. And while the guy took the corner tighter than you did, I don't see why you couldn't have kept turning inside him.

I can't make out from the video what collided with what intially, i.e. did his body hit your body, did your handlbar hit him , etc., but it seems like that bump was surviveable.

It appears that when you bump, instead of riding through the curve in contact with him, you slow, continue going wider and your wheel gets chopped.

Of course it's easy to armchair quarterback. Harder to react in that split second.

Creatre 04-17-14 11:21 AM

Hard to tell from vid, I think you may have target fixated a bit towards him but he certainly didn't give you much room.

Heal up soon dude!

misterwaterfall 04-17-14 11:30 AM

Hope you heal up quick,

Looking at the video, you seem to be drifting wide and thus into him about mid way through the corner while his line was pretty steady throughout. Looking at you line in comparison to the white line painted on the concrete, you get wider and wider until you make contact, then bounce off him sending you back towards the white line.

rbart4506 04-17-14 11:30 AM

That sucks!

Heal up Ovoleg...

gsteinb 04-17-14 11:39 AM

wow. that sucks. feel better.

furiousferret 04-17-14 11:51 AM

On the plus side we'll be racing together next season!

I thought you'd be a Cat 1 by then. Heal up ovobrokenleg.

thechemist 04-17-14 11:54 AM

That is a real bummer, so sorry :( 3 months sounds about right

waterrockets 04-17-14 11:56 AM

Terrible news. Heal fast. Scary video, and really bad luck that you fell in such a manner as to break your hip. Well, it all gets better from here. Look ahead.

achoo 04-17-14 12:08 PM

Ouch. Heal up.

hack 04-17-14 12:14 PM

EFF, terrible to hear and quite scary. I wish you the best of luck in a speedy recovery and hope you keep at it once you're ready to ride.

I'll defer to others for feedback that are more experienced.

edit: watched the video and had a couple of quickie questions to help myself hopeful avoid similar fate.

Was the contact with the other rider glancing or pretty severe?
Have you done bumping drills and if so, did you feel they were of any help in this scenario?
Were you, if you can recall, in the "red' when contact was made and possibly sluggish in your reaction time?

I get that crashes can and do happen (had a fun one myself earlier this year), but I am wondering (regardless of the lines taken and just focusing on the impact) how likely it is to be able to recover from contact of that nature. I've bumped and been bumped at higher speeds and all was good, but these all took place on straight sections and now while leaning into a turn.

TMonk 04-17-14 12:19 PM

+1 get well soon!

Jseis 04-17-14 12:19 PM

Ouch, ouch, ouch. I'm no racer but last year at the tender age of 58 I took a hard right then hard left at speed on my classic Centurion, caught a pedal and landed hard high side right. Knocked me out, broke helmet. Road rash. While getting rayed for broken ribs the doc says...let's do your hips. "Why?"....."'Cause your of the age"..."Oh". After watching your vid...I realize how lucky I was. Heal up.

Ygduf 04-17-14 12:27 PM

crap. at least you got a video of it? I dunno. Sucks. Sorry.

ridethecliche 04-17-14 12:30 PM

Looks like the guy tried to dive to the inside while you were right there. His line is damn awful and he almost flies off the course anyway. As far as fault goes, I think he pulled a bonehead move. You moved a bit going into that corner which certainly didn't help matters, but he picked a pretty stupid way to try to attack.

Inquisitor. 04-17-14 12:44 PM

Man, I feel for you. I've been off my bike a week, and it's driving me crazy. I can't imagine not riding for 3 months. Although you made a slight adjustment as you entered the corner, it looks like you picked a reasonable line. He picked a tighter line as he came flying by on the outside. He cut it closer than necessary, and didn't leave any room for error. The way I see it, the passing rider is responsible for maintaining a safe spacing. At the same time, similar to my crash, in the future maybe you could make the split second reaction to tighten your line to avoid contact.

I hope you make a full recovery and look forward to seeing you back in the saddle.

achoo 04-17-14 12:47 PM

Originally Posted by ridethecliche (Post 16679869)
Looks like the guy tried to dive to the inside while you were right there. His line is damn awful and he almost flies off the course anyway. As far as fault goes, I think he pulled a bonehead move. You moved a bit going into that corner which certainly didn't help matters, but he picked a pretty stupid way to try to attack.

That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the video.

But the more times I watch it, the less sure I am. Ovoleg wiggles a bit on his line just a bit before contact. Did he wiggle because he hit the painted line and lose grip? Did he wiggle to miss the painted line? Did that wiggle affect his line? I can't really tell.

Doesn't a rider passing another rider have the obligation not to cut the passed rider off, especially not to the point of causing contact? I'm just not sure that's what happened here. It looks like either rider could have taken the turn easily had the other rider not been there.

And hey, he seemed to slow and looked back afterwards. I know when I find myself upright and hear crash sounds behind me I no longer look back.

grolby 04-17-14 12:48 PM

Sucks, man. Heal up.

Regarding the video: I can't find anything to criticize with what you did that isn't nitpicking, honestly. Maybe you could have reacted better, but that guy came right into you. Looks like you bounced initially, but he kept coming and just swept your wheel. You could analyze it to death and maybe you wouldn't have crashed if you did X instead of Y, but that's a very difficult situation.

mattm 04-17-14 12:50 PM

Sucks man.

Just be patient with the healing process, don't rush it. Even if one season is done there is always the next!!

carpediemracing 04-17-14 12:54 PM

It's a racing incident and not an uncommon one, just the result was an outlier.

It looks like the outside rider comes in hard, touching oloveg's bar/arm/something. This causes him to not steer for a moment, bringing his front wheel in contact with the rear wheel of the outside rider. At that point it's over.

The outside rider isn't cornering well, leaning his body more than the bike, which contributes because it closes the gap to oloveg. Outside rider is also on the hoods, which may be part of the reason why he's not comfortable cornering hard. Without as much weight up front the front end feels skittish so riders tend to get scared. That means pulling back away from the front end (making the problem worse) as well as leaning the body more instead of leaning the bike more.

Oloveg, you're not on your, may be a bit more vulnerable. For me I'm way more vulnerable if I'm on my hoods and I'm shorter (so hoods are better for planned contact). Taller people will be more vulnerable when on the hoods because the drops are exposed to a hit from a shorter rider, or one to the outside when leaned over in a turn. Shorter people like me tend to need to be on the hoods for bump drills etc.

There's a local guy that had the same injury when he crashed in the 4s a few years ago. Not only did he fully recover (docs told him he wouldn't walk again) he's now a 2, and at least until last year he was quite the motor. I haven't seen him race recently so no idea now but he's obviously fine on the bike.

Don't rush the healing. You seem like you're in pretty good spirits, all considering. You're welcoming feedback. It sounds like you'll be ready to race when you are healed.

If I were you I'd think about what happened, think about how to prevent it. When you're immobile you have a lot of time to think about things like this. I'd try and diet once the initial bit of healing happens (for me I waited 2 months). Lose the weight and come back a lean mean fighting machine. Your strength will come back but if you can lose weight while you're inactive you'll reap huge benefits.

Hermes 04-17-14 01:02 PM

Sorry to here about the injury and heal up fast. Do not beat yourself up about it. I have three racing buddies that had the same injury and have returned to racing after rehab. Unfortunately, it is a pretty common injury and takes some time to heal.

UmneyDurak 04-17-14 01:02 PM

El Darado series... I think there was a major crash in every race there.

Anyway dude heal up.

Andy STi 04-17-14 01:03 PM

Dude, that sucks. Hope you heal quickly.

Go easy on recovery. Do what your ortho says. You don't want AVN later. If it was minimally or non-displaced you likely didn't upset the blood supply to the femoral head. Stay off it so you don't.

UmneyDurak 04-17-14 01:07 PM

Originally Posted by carpediemracing (Post 16679949)
The outside rider isn't cornering well, leaning his body more than the bike, which contributes because it closes the gap to oloveg.

Can you elaborate on the leaning body more then the bike part? Yes it closes the gap, but is there more to your statement as it relates to BP.

Kansas Don 04-17-14 01:19 PM

Tight corner everybody was pushed too wide, outside guy had to cut across you to keep from hitting those parking blocks coming up. I'd still look him up and dot his eye though, it was a bad place to try to pass.

What's a guy to do though, if you ride your going to have crashes.


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