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Where does the mirror go?

Hello there, I am after some advice. I shall ask my LBS as well, but after all, they are a business.

OK, I am planning my next trip to the LBS and on my list are some glasses, bar ends and a revision mirror.

Riding a Trek 3900 and gradually adding its and pieces that will (hopefully) make longer rides easier (hence the bar ends) and a bit safer (hence the mirror). I have decided that it will be at least a while before I attempt any ‘real’ mountainy stuff. I am finding that the mirror might come in handy because when I drive I use them a LOT. But around where I ride there is a lot of what may by called ‘parking lane’ that is not a designated bike lane or traffic lane. The times that I generally ride through these areas, the parking lane is mostly deserted except for one or two cars where I would have to merge into the traffic lane. I would feel safer being able to see what is behind me, not just beside me (what you get with a shoulder check). The glasses are just funky.

But here is my problem, most of the mirrors I have seen attach onto the ends of the handlebars, making it impossible to also have bar ends. More towards the middle on the bars, I have a reflector on one side and my light on the other. I still could probably squish the mirror on there if I can get one to clamp on (but I have never seen them). So, do they exist and how should I organise them? I would also like to leave room for a computer. What can I say, I am accessory mad.

Please feel free to discuss the merits of mirrors, bar ends and funky glasses as well.

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