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Total noob to fixies & bike mechanics

This is more of an out-loud thought than a particular question. Read on if you wish.

I first learned to ride and got a beater bike a few months ago to get around my home town easier when I need to. I guess you'd call it a mountain bike, but it doesn't have a real "thick" frame like some almost looks like a road bike, except for the knobby tires.
I don't ride much for fun, or even to get around much because I live < 0.5 miles from campus, and I can take the bus for free when I need to.
But I've been thinking that a fixie could be fun to ride, although I've never riden one. I like the idea of a bike without gears, because you HAVE to suck it up and ride hard. However, the fixies I see people riding all have road bike frames and slick tires. But I'm hesitant to have a LBS convert my bike to a fixie because it may end up being a waste if I don't ride it. I suppose I could try converting it myself, but it would be my first bike job ever.

I guess I DO have a few specific questions. How much would it cost to have a LBS convert my bike to a fixie? Could it be done with my existing parts, would I need to buy new ones, could I find them for free? Could a totally inexperienced bike mechanic manage doing their own conversion? Anything else I should know?

Thanks all!
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