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for me bad things (and i mean really bad things) seem to always come in groups. so you betcha i've wished i was never born. i try to remember a famous quote that i made up "this too shall pass, unless its a permanent thing, then it won't pass, and you're screwed, but most things will pass" or something like that. if it's regular teenage issues, they get overwith in time, then actually seem pretty small and petty when you get older. I remember things that were HUGE deals to me (hot new girlfriend's old boyfriend wants to kill you, failing important class, broke arm, parents fighting, piece o crap car, etc..) when i was in HS that now i kinda feel dumb for being so upset about it. however if your problem is bigger than that (hot new girlfriend's old boyfriend is actually trying to kill you, you got shot at school, lost your arm, parent's killed each other, or found out your car is stolen, etc...) you should find a good friend to confide in, and if your friends are typicaly HS friends, try a counselor or therapist, or a bike forum. when i was a teenager i remember hating life for no reason, i would ask myself what about life makes me hate it, and i wasn't able to answer myself, some pre-med student friends of mine told me that's a normal hormonal change in your brain that just makes you depressed for no reason, it shouldn't be too extreme and it should go away between 18-21 but if it gets extreme or lasts into adulthood to seek pro help immediately. so then i just kinda ignored it and tried to fill my time with hobbies/friends/girls and it went away. now that im older that same thing happens sometimes, but it's usually because the foods i eat don't have much energy, so a meat&taters dinner or king size snickers can help, or im just tired/burnt out and need a nap/bike ride and im cool again. oh or play with my dog, sometimes he can bring me out of it too.
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