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Originally Posted by cal_gundert05
Thanks for the replies, but I've still got a few lingering questions:

1) Is a knobby-tired, beater-framed bike suitable to be converted?
2) How much do you think a LBS would charge to convert (it has vert. dropouts)?
3) Could a first-time mechanic (me) do it himself? Do I need parts that aren't currently on my bike?
4) Is beef really what's for dinner?

I'm beating this into the ground now, but I'll throw in my 2 cents:
1)Yes, as long as it has horizontal dropouts and decent parts outside of the drivetrain. (Stem, bars, brakes and anything else you would want to keep.
2) I have no idea how much a shop would charge. It really depends on what needs to be done, which will differ from bike to bike. Trying to convert a bike with vertical dropouts is an exercise in frustration. Unless you really love the frame, its just not worth it. Be aware that many bike shops don't have a lot of experience with converting bike to fixed and tend to do things wrong. Find a shop that sells track stuff and has mechanics who ride fixed.
3) If you're mechanically inclined, yes. At the very least, you'll need a new rear wheel (or new hub laced to the old rim), track cog and lockring. You'll probably also need a new bottom bracket to get a decent chainline, though you may get lucky with what you have. If you can find a bike co-op, it will be much easier since you can use their tools and ask them for help.
4) Only if you're aaron copeland.
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