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Originally Posted by cal_gundert05
Thanks for the replies, but I've still got a few lingering questions:

1) Is a knobby-tired, beater-framed bike suitable to be converted?
2) How much do you think a LBS would charge to convert (it has vert. dropouts)?
3) Could a first-time mechanic (me) do it himself? Do I need parts that aren't currently on my bike?
4) Is beef really what's for dinner?
1) if you don't mind having a beater-framed fixie
2) unless you're content with a "magic gear," most people (and shops) will tell you it's simply not worth your trouble if it has vertical dropouts. as for labor rates, it's totally all over the place - call some local shops to get an idea, and shop around for the best price.
3) absolutely YES, and many of us would recommend you do just that
4) no way - tofu

good luck
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