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I'll second the stay away from ebay advice. Although I've bought two of my bikes there, I know exactly what I'm looking at and what size fits. This knowledge is indespensible. I've also got enough mechanical knowledge to knock a bike together (or apart, though I've found that's easier than sticking one together). I'd also stay away from department store bikes. Go to a good local bike shop and get help fitting it. Any extra monies you pay will be worth it in the long run-- you'll ride a better fitting bike more often. Also, an LBS can help you with adjustments, which ebay won't.

I've found that your inseam is the most important thing in bike fit, not your height. I ride the same frame size as two friends who are 4-6" taller than me (I'm a touch over 6'), because we have the same inseam size.

Also, a good LBS can help you with a lot of use questions and may even switch out some components (for instance, if you're riding on pavement, you'll want slick tires, not knobbies) to make the bike they sell you fit your purposes better.
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