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Originally Posted by cycle17
^^ because there are times when we have shared bicycle related things with our freinds here in FOO that would either be ignored or simply receive negative or sarcastic remarks in general cycling, road forums etc... It doesn't happen that frequently anyway. But I recently restored/rebuilt a bike. I posted it here in Foo because the people in here know me well and were interested in looking at the project. Last summer I posted pictures on the new TT bike I built in Road forums and in here at the same time. the thread in RF only had like 10 views and a few negative comments. The thread in Foo was pages long with a lot of foosters replying etc.... it eventually morphed into soemthing off the cyclling topic anyway as most threads in foo do. So I don't see why the sudden need to "tighten things up". It's still a "bike" website even if a few things cycling related pop up in the lounge from time to time. Just my two cents. I guess we'll see how it goes.
I totally understand what you're saying here. You get attached to people and sometimes even though a topic might be more appropriately placed in another forum, you want to share with certain people. I get ya.
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