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Walmart has some mountain bikes like the Schwinn 2.6 Sidewinder for $130. It actually uses entry level Shimano F/R derailleurs, SRAM shifters, Promax V brakes and TIG welding. Even has front shocks

It would definately fall into the league of the beaters I see commuters riding. If approached as a disposable item it might get you around for a year or two,before giving it the toss or leaving it. And if you decide that you're not into riding after a spell,you won't have much money tied up. I'm not big on Chicom products,but many bikes today are being made in the far hey.

With your limited budget,I'd look for a better USED American made bike. I can't recommend eBay,since many sellers will dump a bike after crashing it or messing it up while making a foolish repair or mod.

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