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Originally Posted by blonduathlongrl
+ 1
I want to hear about cycle's 17th bike
I want to be here when snowy kicks butt at mtn biking and realised she wasnt so average after all ( and I dont go to the mtn bike forums)
I want to hear when my friends had a great century
My last race was a flop, a foo member asked me to post a race report, it got tranfered to triathlons, noone ever posted, only the foo members gave me support.
you want me to post in road cycling when I drop 3 guys on the road who tried to push me on the road so that I wouldnt succeed?
I doubt ill get support in there when half of them have the same mentallity as the male group who told me not to bother riding with them cause I would get drop
this is too bad.... we have a good supportive friendship in here...
Good to see others can relate.
Just Do It..
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