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Originally Posted by Chris L
In this country it is, however, the law is very vague and does allow for loopholes sometimes. Basically, if Shimano could argue to a judge that there were other reasons for discontinuing to supply a particular retailer (possibly that the shop owner lacks in expertise on the product, or doesn't have the proper capacity to display it properly or something on those lines) they could get away with dumping retailers. Of course, if they start doing it too often, they may not be able to convince too many judges.
A large retail supermarket in the UK, Tesco, was hauled into court by Levi for selling their jeans for way less than 50% of the Levi store prices. Levi argued that consumers need to be able trust the source of their products, and that the brand would be compromised by selling it in less than ideal environments. In short, the usual bullsh1t you expect from a company like that. The jeans are made in the same dirty sweatshops in Mexico and the Phillippines for a few dollars. Levi won. Consumers lost.
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