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very interesting thread !

i donīt think that (all) hub-Motors out there are geared 1:1 !!

i have seen a video of one running with open case... (a 1000Watt brushless E-bike-Hub-Motor):

you could see - like on outrunners from my rc-airplanes - the windings at the inner side not rotating (like on all BL-motors),
than around that a ring (with the Magnets) running around the Motor, AND around that the housing with the wheel rotating opposite direction with of course less rpm)

so there was definitly a reduction between the motor itself (hidden in the innerside of the hub-motor) and the hub-motor outside you can see with your eyes..


for the thing with the Lipos:
i use a lot of LIpos too (Kokam, Xcell, thunderpower, Flightpower, and some more)
and also LiIon (Konion 1100 18650VT, ...)
and FePO4

you made a list of price of your $250 E-bike..
but you forgot to mention the price of the Lipos (i know why )

a 3cell 4000mAh Lipo-Pack of good quality is around 100US$
your Pack with 20.000mAh would be around 500US$
so not realy a cheap thing *lol*

weight would be around 1500g of the 20Ah-Batterie.. (so no problem for a bike)


how would i do it:
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