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the posted ebike is an example of the technology not a finished product to judge distance/power on.
If you examine the weight and power of it then it is easy to see it can out do any lead acid brushed configuration when expanded.

That is actually a 20+ volt motor on the ebike and only running at 12v
The drive train is only to show you it has the power to push- it is not an example of good drive train for propulsion.
It just showed you the technology. It is your job to apply it to a bike.

In under 2-3 pounds you can have more amps and volts than a 20+ pound battery lead acid.
With the value attached to bikes and the money that goes into making them hold 50 pounds of batteries you can put that $ into light weight smaller, stronger lipolys and leave your bike looking cool.

In 8oz we have 500w+ of power in a motor.
The old fashioned brushed motors don't cut it.
Forget about brushed motors.

Just think about what 2-3 horsepower outrunner setup to a dynamic planetary gear can do.
Hard accelleration, variable torque which is programmable through the planetary gear for optimum torque and rpm at any speed.

So take it to the next step by understanding it before closing it out with thinking like- there is only 3 batteries on there so you can only go so far... if you think that then do not post because you are not engineering but waiting for a perfect answer. We're working on the answer because we have all the pieces to put it together.

I'm not happy with weak 50+ pound bikes using 70's technology when we have 07' tech right here unused.

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