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Originally Posted by blonduathlongrl
Im trying!!!!!!!!! Im almost crying saying, do you know what's compatible with my bike? do you know I have shimano gears? do you know the difference between clinchers and tubular? do you know how deep the rim should be? do you know if I need an everyday wheel or racing wheels?
arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everytime i say, ill find them and give you the linky linky he gives me a speach on christmas spirit and how nicer it would be if HE went out and picked some for me!!
Im gonna friggen cry!
yeah he is a heck of a nice guy...but you have no idea what he is gonna come up with!
Best suggestion? Give him a specific wish list!

Quick Edit:
Explain in the list that while his heart is assuredly in the right place, racing is highly technical as far as equipment goes. Then tell him that the wrong wheels would be like slapping a Briggs and Stratton Lawn mower engine on a Harley, based on the fact that they are both gasline powered engines!
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