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Originally Posted by slowandsteady
Okay, so it certainly sounds like a pain, but how often and under what circumstances does one have to adjust a threaded headset? I have an MTB with a threaded headset(Trek 830) and have never had to do anything to it in close to 15 years. Maybe I have just been neglecting my bike and I am an idiot(a distinct possibility!), but it certainly performs like near new condition after all those years.

I do see how a threadless set up is much lighter, that is fairly obvious.
You should service your headset once per year (new grease at least). As for threaded Vs threadless, threadless is less maintenance and easier to adjust as stated and somewhat lighter.

ALL my bikes have threaded quill stems...except for my 1 year old MTB bike. I've been adjusting threaded for so long now I don't think twice about it.
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