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Originally Posted by blonduathlongrl
Im trying!!!!!!!!! Im almost crying saying, do you know what's compatible with my bike? do you know I have shimano gears? do you know the difference between clinchers and tubular? do you know how deep the rim should be? do you know if I need an everyday wheel or racing wheels?
arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everytime i say, ill find them and give you the linky linky he gives me a speach on christmas spirit and how nicer it would be if HE went out and picked some for me!!
Im gonna friggen cry!
yeah he is a heck of a nice guy...but you have no idea what he is gonna come up with!
Just print out a page with all the details, circle exactly the right thing in red. Fold it in half, put a dirty foot print on it and leave it on the floor where he can find it. Say nothing. Act surprised and never tell.
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