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Its true that threaded headsets take a little more time, dexterity, and concentration to adjust properly. You need to be able to tighten the locknut sufficiently without having the upper race budge from its new adjustment. I've found some headsets to be a little easier to fine tune than others--it may or may not have something to do with tighter tolerances or quality of materials. Seems like they can get indexed in a certain position, and become a little harder to adjustment from that position. One thing that can make the task more difficult is crappy HS wrenches. The Park wrenches from the early 90's had terrible tolerances. The old Campy wrenches were much tighter, and made the job much, much simpler.

I did have a MTB in the early 90's, a rigid Cannondale/w rigid pepperoni fork that was hard-ridden exclusively for 4 years. The cheapy OEM Ritchey 1-1/4" threaded HS never lost adjustment on the trail, and lasted the life or the bike.

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