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Originally Posted by MattP.
Anyone tried the Niterider Minewt yet? My shop just got one in and this thing is tiny! Thinking about picking one up to try it out, the pic on the Niterider site seems pretty good for XC trails and on the road. I'll probably also get something like the Niterider Firestorm for DH trails and what not.

Just wanted to see if anyone has one yet
Can't tell you about the Minewt, but I do ride offroad so a couple of pointers. The Minimum you can get away with offroad is a 10w halogen lamp. Any less than this and you will have a problem. I was initially riding wth two Cateye LED's-EL500 and EL300. Ok for bike trail or MUP riding and fine for the road. but offroad- any speed and it was dangerous. Then I went to a cheap twin 5W unit and it was worse than the Cateyes. Still staying cheap and went to a Twin Halogen- 10W main beam and a 2.5w flood and this was OK. Still used the Cateyes to Supplement but acceptable. Then the Essential came along -A helmet lamp. Only a 2W spot that was good for about 50 ft but it did help on the Viewing stakes tremendously. This Year I had to get a better lamp. Looked at a lot of lamps and decided on the Blackburn X6, a twin 3w luxion. Luckily I had a bit of money come in and went for a USE Exposure Enduro Turbo with twin 5w luxions-1 spot and 1 flood. This will throw a good light for 120ft and battery life is good.

Reason for going for this lamp is that the HID's that will improve on this are Ultra Expensive over here. You think $300- we pay $600, and that is only for the Low power units with low battery life. The HID I want that will give me what I want is $1200 over here. Then they go up from there.
That is just my particular problem but you can buy cheaper.

Hid's are the best you can get for light output. Problems are affording them and battery life on what you can afford. The High power Luxions are Good. Wheras the HID's throw out Excessive light-and that cannot be a bad thing- The Luxions are GOOD enough, and are cheaper. I have a friend that has the Blackburn X3. This is still a 3w luxion but only a single lamp. It is pretty good for offroading- not as good as my exposure but still pretty good. Cateye also do a Double 3w Luxion and a Triple. I have heard that these can start at around $200 over in the US. and I am hearing good report about those too.

Halogen lamps may be old hat but they are still cheap. I would go for a Twin lamp version with a minimum of 10W on each bulb. set that as the lowest standard, or the equivalent, you can get a way with and you will not go wrong.

Just to give you an idea- My Exposure lamp was $500-Thanks to currency exchange it will still be Expensive in the US. but the Link is below.
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