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I looked at the F80 and F100. The problem is that I am looking for a coil sprung fork. The Vanilla has the charachersitics I ma looking for. Its just too damn long stock!

Originally Posted by chelboed
Yeah, I bought a Vanilla R 130 from Pricepoint for $213 with a cut steerer tube. Probably the reason he doesn't want to get an F80 or F100 is the same as mine. The Vanilla will kick it's butt in performance. It's just smoother.

I changed the travel on mine from 130mm to 100mm when I had it on my hardtail and I loved it! I now have it on my dually, so I changed it back to 130mm. I still love it!

Do yourself a favor...call Fox and order their 7.5wt suspension oil and two crush washers. (I think you only need one, but it's good to have an extra.

When you change the travel, you will lose all the oil (into a pan if you want to) and you would be wise to replace the crush washer instead of re-using it.

It's an easy process.

Thanks for the tip about the oil and washers. Makes sense you would loose the oil, but I didnt think about it.

Will let everyone know how it goes!
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