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Originally Posted by mgagnonlv
Mr. Fatman, I agree with NGateGuy.

I don't know if you can reproduce the emergency situation is a safe context, for example, by trying quick turns on wet leaves...
Wow!!! you are a phsychic. This is exactly what happens early this morning but this time it was the front tire. I was turning passing over a bunch of wet leaves the front tire loose traction, I try to regain control but I was unable to put my feet on the ground and down I went I got a laseration in the right elbow and my right foot hurts it seems that at the moment it touch the ground the bike was too inclined and the foot twist. Luckily nobody saw me so my pride didn't get hurt too. The bad news is that my new rear derailleur get an ugly scratch . The rest of the bike seems to be fine, but I don't like that scratch .
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