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Originally Posted by driftermike
Hey Miles,
Great idea on getting the '06 model; have yet to go to the LBS here and check them out. Maybe you could post pics when you get yours???
Here are the goods:

Sorry about the image quality of some of these. I was rushed to get them snapped and hide the bike from my wife before she got home. Again, this is her birthday present from me.

I'm holding myself back a little here in saying that this bike is AWESOME. Summed up I can't put it any lighter than that. Let's proceed...

First let me say that these photos show the bike completely stock except for the saddle, which I changed out to one that Nancy's used in the past. Before long, it'll have a Brooks B17 or Champion Flyer like the rest of our tourers. Let's proceed....

Since I'd never seen one of these in person, there were some surprises in store for me.
Wow, a chain hanger. Every touring bike should have one. Well, it wouldn't hurt anyway.
Yep, there's that disc brake mount. Great paint job!
No mounting problems for a rack that I could imagine though.

If I'm guessing right, the cable hanger for the rear brake has the added bonus of being a brake runout adjuster. Hmmm.
Oh hey, would you look at that! And it even came with the spokes for crying out loud.
All kinds of room for wide tires and fenders here.
Same goes for at the brake bridge. Oh and those are Shimano pedals that Nancy will actually be able to use for touring.
More tire and fender clearance.

Other side with the bottle generator tab.

Last nice touch I can share with you photographically until a while later when the bike is actually toured on is this: If your nice hand built wheels go all wacky on you right away then you know who blame it on. The builder autographs their work.

So I had a question about the frame and called Rocky Mountain Bicycles to find out for certain what these were: They're disc brake cable routing posts as Rob told me. After I got that info I spoke to Rob for another ten minutes so he could get beat over the head about how nice I think this bike is and also why they should drop the road triple. When the 08s come out we'll have to see, otherwise a good number buyers can change the crankset out themselves. Nice folks by-the-way.

I'm not sure why it took this long for the Sherpa to make the forum press. I wouldn't dream of buying a Trek 520 over one of these. This hand-built piece of work seems like it was dreamed up by a bunch of experienced tourers for themselves. Now I have to find an excuse to buy one for myself.

Good luck in finding your bike.
Ron - Tucson, AZ

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