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Originally Posted by Jay H
I didn't say that it was my car, plus I'm far away from Portland, OR! I own two cars in fact, one from before I started to bike commute and one that I have for fun.
Then perhaps it'd be more accurate if it said 'one more car'.

Originally Posted by Jay H
Anyway, if they are going fast enough and actually total a car, then there would truly be "one less car" and one more pissed off owner.

A car can be totaled by a bike? Yeah right. Maybe damage, but never totaled. Besides, if this had happened in the 13 months since it started, don't you think that would have been mentioned in the article? Maybe a local can provide facts to counter this speculation: Is street parking even allowed on this road?

Even if it did, how would it be any different to any other collision? The responsible party pays for the damage. It's no reason to stop the zoobombers. Maybe if it started happening every week you'd have a point, but then again, it's not like the residents don't know it's going to happen every Sunday. I'd just make sure my car wasn't parked on the street on Sunday night.

Hopefully that puts a torch to that straw-man.
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