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One less car
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A car can be totaled by a bike? Yeah right. Maybe damage, but never totaled.
It's a joke, guys, I said if by chance the car is totalled, then there would truly be "one less car".. Tongue in cheek, nudge nudge wink wink say no more...

Being in a rich neighbor or poor neighborhood makes no difference to me, whether they have long driveways or not, if it is legal to park on the street, then they have every right to park there. Just like us cyclists have every right to ride on the road even though there are sidewalks and bike paths and or parks.

It doesn't sound like they have accidents often and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but I think people should have some kind of personal responsibility in trying not to damage other people's property uselessly. (Again, I'm not inferring that they did not make right with the owner, just that I hope they are responsibile for scratches that may happen, I have no idea from reading that article)

I prefer to bomb down MTB trails anyway, the only thing I can hurt is myself and my own property.

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