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I have one of these!

I have one of these! And, whats more, I didn't buy it at a garage sale but new from a bike shop in England in '83 (or maybe '84). I still ride it - it is an excellent bike. You'll find that the luggless frame is made from Reynolds 501 tubing. The hubs are indeed Maillard Helicomatic (not the greatest reputation but I have had no problem with mine). Likewise no problems with Weinmann brakes, Nervar cranks, Rigida rims. And the Sachs-Huret Rival 12 speed set is excellent! In the Peugeot line-up of the day, this bike was the lowest of the 'serious' bikes. So about midway up the range. I remember they marketed this specifically to people getting involved in the then new sport of Triathlon. Indeed they may have called it the 'Triathlon' for a while although the frame bears no model name. This bike was similarly positioned (and priced) to the slightly earlier Routier model (although that had more of a touring emphasis). Similar also to the Ventoux model. You're scales do not lie - the official weight of this bike is 23.5 lbs (one of the few details I remember from the brochure). If I saw one in good condition at 20 bucks I wouldn't hesitate to buy it!!
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