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mmm babaghanouj.
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you’ve gotten some good sound advice from bentrim and a2.

if you’re going to be looking for a good all-mountain bike, like bentrim mentioned, these bikes are usually dual suspension bikes, but there are a few manufacturers out there that do make some good hardtail all mountain bikes. norco, rocky mountain and kona are some that immediately come to mind. a lot of manufacturers are starting to make these types of bikes that can handle a bit of everything, so have a look around at the different brands and see what you like.

about the helmet, like the others said, unless you’re doing some extreme type stuff like jumps and drops, you won’t really need the fullface helmet... they’re generally kind of expensive too (i just ordered one online that came up close to $180 CAD including shipping/handling and tax – and that’s at a “discounted” price. msrp for the helmet is around $250 CAD). a regular bike helmet should be sufficient for most types of trail riding but if you’re really wanting the fullface, i think there’s one on for $45 USD.

also, like bentrim suggested, a pair of gloves would be a good idea to get. and also, if you’re going to be using platform pedals, maybe a nice set of shin guards would be a good idea too. unless of course, you don’t mind getting your shins banged up once in a while... after all, as the saying goes “chicks dig scars”.
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