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Buying my first racing bike


Iíve had my current bike for over 10 years, but Iíve wanted a nice racing bike for ever!! Ė my current bike is a well worn diamond back mountain bike with no suspension, itís starting to jump gears more recently (I took it to a bike shop about 5 years ago and asked what should be fixed on it and they didnít think anything was worth fixing! Ė Iíve done hundreds of kilometres if not thousands since then) so I figure this is my excuse to upgrade.

I mainly go for about a 20 minute ride 2 or 3 times a week for stress relief. Occasionally I ride for say 2 hours, but rarely, Iíve ridden about 90Kms in a day at most (that was in the Sydney to Wollongong). I love riding and I think Iíll do it more once I have a racer.

I havenít been to a bike shop yet, so Iíd love some very specific advice - particular brands and models would be more helpful than 'buy a racing bikeí for example.

My parameters / requirements are below:

* I am 31 years old, weighing 79 kg
* Height - about 6ft 1inc which I think is about 181cm.
* I will probably start riding more than I currently do once I get this bike.
* A friend gave me a pair of I think theyíre called clip in pedals, he bought them on sale years ago and has never used them, they were $170 retail down to $20, brand is ĎTimeí they are either Ďmid 77í or Ďmid 57ímodel so I presume I could put these on the bike I buy?
* Iíll probably want some clothing so advice on what to get, cheapest place to get it (including annual sales) and in what order to buy it (as I may get it as presents for birthday etc over the next 18 months) would be great.
* My budget is a little fluid. I am hoping to spend as little as possible but I am willing to spend up to $1500 for the bike if need be. I would be interested in options at different price points.
* Recommendation on shops? Ė I live at Hurstville.
* Do I need anything else?
* Any other suggestions?

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