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Originally Posted by sokkerdude27
I recently went to a store that sold Jamis bikes and I was told that I could order a Jamis Komodo FX for $780 from their catolog. After leaving the store I went home and went to and they only had 2003 and 2002 bikes. Within these archives there was only the regular Komodo with much higher quality components then the Komodo FX that I saw in the catolog at the store I went to. It wasn't the same bike. Why doesn't Jamis have their 2004 bikes on their website and where is the Komodo FX?

another question. Does anyone out there have a 2003 specialized P2 and if you do, do you find it hard to cross-country with it?

Ummm......they dont have their 2004 bikes on their site because they just dont. Wouldent that also explain where the komodo fx is? The new P series bikes from specialized are longer than last years so they will do xc much better. The 2004 P2's fork is also dampend unlike last year, and it feels alot better.
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