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My new bike rack (with pictures)

So, I just moved to the awesome city of San Francisco. I got a new apartment, and a new roommate.

Just for fun, here's a couple pictures of the view from the roof of my apartment:

And if you look a little farther to the right, you get to see a certain large red bridge:

Unfortunately, you don't get quite the same view from inside, instead you can barely even see the water:

The water is close enough that when you're falling asleep at night you hear the waves crashing on the beach, which is awesome

But anyway, this thread isn't about my view, it's about my bike rack. So, I'm new to the city. I got a job here, and needed to find a place to live. Unfortunately, I knew exactly two people in the area, neither of which needed a roommate. I didn't want to try to find a place by myself, partly because everyone knows how expensive SF is (the 2 bdrm apt I ended up getting is $1800/month) and partly because I don't really like living alone, especially in a new area where I don't know very many people yet.

So, one of my friends in the area put me in touch with a friend of his who was looking for a place. We met once and got some food and chatted for a while to see if we got along. He seemed like a pretty good guy, and we decided we'd find an apartment to share.

It turns out, he's a bit of a cyclist himself. We each brought two bikes to the new place. Coincidentally, each of us brought a fixed-gear townie/commuter bike, and a cross-country mountain bike, which I found a bit funny, that we'd have such similar taste in bikes considering we'd barely met before.

Now, having four bikes in the house is awesome, but they tend to take up a bit of space, so we decided to make a rack for them. Well, my roommate went out to home depot to purchase some track-making supplies, but found a pre-manufactured rack kit, and bought that instead. He brought it home and tried to install it, but got stuck and had to go out somewhere, so I decided I'd put up the rack.

Anyway, here's our new bike rack:

Woohoo, all four bikes neatly stored in an otherwise unused part of the room. It kinda makes the living room look like a bike shop, but I like bike shops, so that doesn't bother me at all

Anyway, there was a ton of extraneous information in this thread unrelated to my bike rack, but I hope you liked it anyway.
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