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The next time I build a DH bike I will do it differently than I did the last one. I tried to build one that would still do XC and it ended up not being very good at either DH or XC. On the next one I don't care if it weighs 45 lb's, as long as it has lots of travel, fits well, and is fairly bulletproof (and the more travel the better). It will probably be a year before I do it though, gonna stick to XC this year, and I'm trying to talk one of the area DH promoters into a "limited travel" DH class at the races next year. It's really not growing very fast in my area and I think one big reason is because of the expensive equipment. I think lots of people would sign up if they could run the same course on either beefy huck type HT's or even their XC duallie's, and not have to try to compete with the true DH bikes.

Very sweet bike ElJefe
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