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Originally Posted by jeff williams
O.k. WHEN I get a full suspension bike- AND my medical paid up and only if i'm not 40 by the time these things happen.
I was jumping bikes ala evil knieval the motercycle guy, when I was 13.
8 foot launch ramps to 2 foot landers- we didn't have bmx- not invented yet I think- so we would take mustangs - remove seat\post ect- put fatty tires on- anyway- we built a monster ramp @ the end of a hill- I overshot the landing ramp 1'st jump and flattened my rear rim ( made the landing tho)- sooo my kid buddy had just built the same jump bike -I borrowed his.... somehow his front wheel came off and jammed into the forks @ the top of the ramp and I headslammed into the pavement- I had indents into my skull from pepples on the road. they also had to flush out my ear canal cause it was full of blood.
probably made me a bit of a chicken s**t about jumping, I switched to scootboarding and wore a helmet.

oofa, nice crash description. Ouchie. We used to jump our bikes over pits full of broken bottles and cactus plants, while firing bottle-rockets at each other. We lit a few fields on fire in West Texas, but we sure had fun. I broke my first bike at age 4 when I rode it down a flight of steps at the church down the street. Snapped that little rigid steel frame at the head tube.

I never rode bmx as a kid, and once I discovered that I could run really really fast (age 9), I ditched the bike and ran (high school, college and pro circuit) till I just had too many injuries to keep running. I just started riding mtb about 3 1/2 years ago, but luckily my mindset didn't get more mature. I'm still thinking that launching off of stuff over pits of glass and debris is pretty cool.
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