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Aaaah, y'all just like to hear my yarns!

Anywaaay, Back in the days of my first bike shop (as owner) a guy came in one day, asking about helmets. (boy, how am I gonna make this short?) He hung out for awhile, asking all sorts of questions. He seemed pretty amicable, so we chatted for quite a while. He became quite the "regular" and we became friends. He rode with us and eventually bought quite a bit of higher-end bike stuff from my shop. He never seemed to have to "work", although he said he was an electrical engineer. I'm not one to pry, so I took him at his word. Someone suggested he was a coke dealer or something, but he never had or offered any, so I don't know where that idea came from, other than he always had money and never seemed to work.
After about 6-7 months, he up and disappeared. No idea why or where he went. A mutual friend said that he spotted him on the road out of town, with his car fully loaded. That was the last we ever heard.
Then one day about 8-10 months later, I get a call from a shop in Colorado. The owner asked if I knew anyone by the name of Chris Henley. I said no, but it sounded familiar. He went on to explain that a receipt had been found with my shop name on it. I said it might be Chris Henderson?! But I hadn't seen nor heard from him in many months. Why were you looking for him?
This is when he went on to explain that a guy named Chris Henley had come to his shop one day, looking for some part time bike work, so he hired him on. His bike knowledge seemed pretty exstensive, so he was able to move up to manager. The Colorado store had 3 locations, and before long, Chris was managing all the stores and helping with the office and books.
Then one day...the owner came to work to find...the bank account drained, the payroll forged and cashed, a really nice bike or two missing, as well as the shop van, GONE!
And when Chris could not be found, the owner went to his apartment, only to find that empty as well. In digging around what was left behind, the owner found a receipt behind a desk that had my shop name on it. So he called to see if I knew anything about this "Chris" fellow. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be of any help.
Next thing you know, there was an article in Bicycling Magazine with "Chris's" picture as a Wanted poster. It went on to describe "Chris's" M.O. and his heist of the shop in Colorado.
In the following issue of Bicycling was the "UpDate"! "Chris" had been apprehended in Florida when he waltzed into a shop. The owner recognised him from the "Wanted" article. (especially because he was wearing the same outfit that he was wearing in the "Wanted" poster) Go Figure!
And because he was driving the Colorado shop van, parked outside. So the Florida shop owner had someone help the "customer" while he called the cops. When the cops arrived, "Chris" was still "charming his way around the shop"! After being cuffed, "Chris" asked how they had found him. The shop owner showed him a copy of Bicycling with the "Wanted" poster. His jaw dropped!!!
So a few years later, I called the Colorado Dept. of Corrections and found that he had been found guilty of a number of charges and had received 17 years total. So, unless he got out earlier for good behavior, he's been out for a few years now. And I would hazzard a guess that he will be up to his old tricks again.
So I just wanted to alert the cycling community to his story & M.O., and preclude another chapter in his book of crime!

Thanks for reading! And pass this along to anyone who may have been contacted by this person.

Happy trails to all for '07~!~!

Dr. D