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yesterday must have been idiot day

I'm driving slowly on a two way narrow road that is the entrance to a park, there are no intersections and no traffic. A cyclist pulls out right in front of me from the grass. I don't think he looked, and there were no other cars even in sight.
I slow down and give him plenty of room and time to pick any position he wants to ride in. He looks back and realizes that I am there. He decides to ride a few blocks in the middle of the left lane against traffic.
I stop so he can move to the right. He stays in the middle of the left lane until he can turn off the road.

Next, on a main road, there is a huge new sidewalk on both sides. There is a police car stopped blocking the sidewalk waiting to pull out. Along comes a Segway. I look at the Segway, when he turns to go around behind the cop he bashes into the cop car.

I pull up behind a car at a stoplight. There is a bikepath and a crossing light so cyclists can cross, it's a big intersection. This cross walk is in front of the stopped cars. The guy in front of me inches forward as a cyclist is crossing, and the bike rides into the car (slowly, but he falls over). The cyclist also was crossing against his own crossing light.

I need a video camera on my hood.
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