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Originally Posted by Maelstrom
I can't believe people think 31 pounds is heavy for a ht trailbike. It is more than light enough to 'sling' onto your shoulder. The biggest concern is actually geometry. It isn't suited to climbing but proper body positioning and some patience the .243 is fine. Don't let weights throw you off of a good bike. 31 pounds isn't THAT heavy. haha

Jeez I use a 44 pound trail bike and a 35 pound ht
bentrim beat me to the reply, heh. donít get me wrong, i donít think 31 lbs is heavy at all. i was just saying itís heavy for an xc bike (not that the .243 was intended to be one) because thatís the general perception. most xc ht bikes weigh in the low to mid 20 lb range. my tassajara is 30 lbs and is considered to be heavy by a few people whoíve reviewed the bike... but for me itís perfectly fine. i can still climb most hills i come across with it... and itís not too much of a burden to sling over my shoulder to lug around if need be either Ė and iím not that big of a guy, nor am i that strong.
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