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Originally Posted by alanbikehouston
You see a tire u-locked to a rack. The tire is intact. And, then you "imagine" there was once a bike at the rack. And you "imagine" how a crook stole the bike.

Of course, given the only tangible evidence: an intact tire and an intact lock, there are other possibilities. In my neighborhood, self-style street artists are always doing stuff that will both attract and puzzle folks who see their "art".
It's possible, an artist might have been inspired to roughly cut a bicycle tire, leaving the wire bead intact but mangled, cut up a cable lock into a few pieces, and left it there all locked and arranged. But all of the artists I've met who get into random social experiments like this wouldn't have spent all that money on a heavy cable and fat yellow u-lock.
If that was my bike, it would have to be a real pile of trash for me to do this to it. Either the bike would be worth more than the lock, in which case I'd take some sort of proof of ownership (with my luck I'd be the first "bike thief" ever in the history of mankind to be confronted) and power tool that lock in twain; or the lock is worth more than the bike, and I'd turn the house upside down and shake it until the key fell out.
If the street crews had cleaned up an abandoned bike, they wouldn't have left this mess.
In any case, Portland has plenty of bike thieves. Stuff like this is good to keep in mind 'round these parts.
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